What Ordinary People Are Saying–Robertson Assassination Comment

What ordinary people are saying about U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson who suggested the U.S. government should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Robertson went on to state that Chavez is a “dangerous enemy” and killing Chavez would be cheaper than going to war to remove him.

From Eschaton

“It was an incredibly stupid statement and has no reflection on reality,”…..comment by Senator Norm Coleman

“I’m actually rather surprised at how much play this is getting in the MSM. Robertson has been nutty for years and NOW they notice?”…..comment by Samurai Sam

“Remember when they called Whoppee Goldberg’s performance a “hatefest” because she used a bad word? But this moron can call for the death of a foreign leader and our brave Republicans call it “irresponsible.”…..comment by Hecate

“It is unfortunate that Pat Robertson’s handlers continue to ignore the clear signs of a worsening dementia. People who have reached this tragic state need to be protected; both from themselves and from those who would make a public spectacle of such irrational behavior.”…..Ed N Sted

“His comments are inappropriate and, as we have said before, any allegations that we are planning to take hostile action against the Venezuelan government are completely baseless and without fact,”…..State Department spokesman Sean McCormack from CNN

“It’s absolutely chilling to hear a religious leader call for the murder of any political leader, no matter how much he disagrees with such a leader’s policies or practices,”….. Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“It´s huge hypocrisy to maintain this discourse against terrorism and at the same time, in the heart of that country, there are entirely terrorist statements like Robertson´s,” said Venezuela´s Vice President José Vicente Rangel, adding that “the ball is in the US court following this criminal statement.” from Prensa Latina

Ordinary Joe says…..it is incredible that a person like Robertson can hide behind religion while he pushes his extremist agenda. Even more incredible is that he had enough support to make a bid for the Presidency. Interesting that there is no mention of this story on the Blogs for Bush site. Also, I have been unable to find anyone with a supportive comment.

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