Why Dont We Listen To Entrepreneurs?

I just got done reading a series of articles dating from December 2000 to September 2001 (pre-9-11) regarding Larry Ellison’s bush to get the government to link all it’s databases. Now everyone agrees, but now we are post 9-11. I wonder if Larry Ellison as loud as he can be sometimes ever stood up and said I told ya so? He would have every right to. He warned us. Gates did too, maybe not as verbal about it or graphic as Larry Ellison described the government’s computer databases like a file cabinet where one drawer was here and another across the ocean in china in a dim lighted room.

Everyone kind of laughed and it was funny, he is good at poking fun. His hard line attitude may not have gotten the message across then, and we did not listen because he did not have the political clout or proper snobbish decorative language of the polished and so eloquent politician slinging the Bull, but he was right. Gate’s was right too and said that government needs to reduce paper, yah no kidding. Well if they will not say it, I will. They told you so. But you did not listen and therefore we got embarrassed by a group of criminals who barrowed an airplane and had no intention of finding a place to park.

So now we spend 250 Billion in upgraded IT work after the fact and try to force databases and outdated hardware together for a seamless something that is suppose to protect us? But darn we are stupid. Should we continue to make the same mistakes, or should we follow the lead of the entrepreneurs who now have accumulated one hell of a lot of know how. Next time a major Entrepreneur or Capitalist makes a statement about a trend they see out there, we ought to listen, because 9-11 could have easily have been prevented if we had our teams of agencies working together with cohesive databases. Let’s pay attention in the future.

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