Super Voting Ink and Vaccines

In the future when we decide to help nations vote and enter their new freedom of democracy at a time when we have significant resistance in the form of a guerilla contingency or insurgency we should specially modify the ink die to prove a vote was cast to identify the good citizens.

By mixing a specific chemical which is safe biologically, but shows up under UV light, we can tell when they approach a check point at night if they are the good guys or bad guys. This will be a very good technique for taking stress of peace keepers at checkpoints and prevent good citizens from feeling negative about check points and foreign soldiers in their country.

Further the ink could contain leaching properties and contain flu vaccination so it will be absorbed into the skin and protect those good citizens who voted and are trying to rebuild their nations and create a safe and secure country for themselves and families. During the reconstruction period fresh water supplies, sewer treatment facilities and a clean environment may effect the health of the nation. Those who are brave enough to stand up for their rights deserve a little extra for their efforts and we should stand with them along with all of our modern day advances of medicine and healthy living.

If you have other thoughts on how the Voting Ink we saw used in the Iraqi elections and believe that such a solution has other benefits please contact the World Think Tank.

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