Self Destruct Strategies in UAV Construction

All UAVs Need a Self Destruct BLOS Device

What do you do when your latest technology equipped UAV crash lands in enemy territory? Big problems indeed.

Recently we had a UAV looking for Osama Bin Laden, which was cruising the border area of Pakistan. The UAV malfunctioned and crashed.


When we went to retrieve it we were met with minor resistance as it fell within Pakistan’s side of the border. Imagine if we lost a UAV in North Korea or in Iran? The resistance would have been far worse. The loss of technology would be much worse than the 4 million or greater cost of such a high tech UAV. It is for this reason that all loitering and tactical UAVs used in and around sensitive border regions or within the battle space have a fail safe self destruct charge which can be signaled even if the unit has landed below tree lines, under a bridge, or landed and sank in water. This self-destruct unit must be able to work autonomously or beyond line of sight. It must be able to work after EA Electronic Attack or if it is at a base, which is over run by an enemy. We must be thinking here as our enemies are all building UAVs and our technologies are far superior and we need to keep this information close to the vest.

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