Oil Prices Effect The United States Competitiveness

Just because we have been leading the World in innovation and computer intellectual property, expertise and design does not mean we can afford to let our manufacturing dominance continue to depart the US soil. We once made everything here. We mined, manufactured, shipped, consumed and reinvested in our manufacturing ability. Consumers saved, businesses borrowed and we worked together to build. What happened? If and when we become a one World economy, eliminate protectionism and the poor impoverished nations come up to our standard of living then we must come down to match them. I do not believe that the American People want to lose even one ounce of quality of life.

The American Dream need not be so elusive. We need to put an end to this fake fuel price increase and manipulations over supply. If we are to run efficiently with the real time market economy outlined in Dells book, Future Perfect and the Gates book and still make it happen Fed Ex style and run the corporations the GE way. Then and only then we will come full circle. It is time for full-scale attack on this fuel situation, which threatens to steal from us all that we have won in the greatest expansion period this country has ever seen.

Or if Bush wants to help buddies in TX then allow them to gear up and start supplying at a price that works for the US Citizenry as well as the Good Ole Boys. Lets get the oil to the buyers faster than slower and more than less, at a price competitive and inline with a strong economy. Friedman would be proud if the free market system dictated the fair and equitable price and we could all watch his theories correct our market fluctuations in all sectors due to oil prices. How long would it take? Nearly over night. Greenspan and the Fed can watch and control the rest.

Americans do not care where or who solves our fuel problem. If oil prices are in check then the industries such as Trucking, Aviation, Automobiles, Marine, etc do well. If not lay offs, bankruptcies, closings in businesses in most all sectors will occur.

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