Foreign Spies Troll Gay Bars in Washington DC for National Secrets

The use of homosexual men in the area of espionage is well documented through the annals of history. Homosexual men are perfect for gathering information due to their inherent nature and ability to build relationships. They are innate masters of the dynamics of human emotion and are able to manipulate their sources almost to a point, which is considered unbelievable. They are much more apt to gather good intelligence, due to these relationships rather than false and bogus data. In the spy business they make great assets and are Used for this game by those who are running spy organizations for states.

There is more and more leakage of military, industrial and Congressional secrets from the gay bars in Washington DC than on any other place on the planet. Our Department of Justice in fact has homosexuals working in agencies, which routinely launch investigations on companies and gather important data in these investigations, then these investigators and/or prosecuters spill the beans on these companies with gay counterparts of the DC night lifestyle. This information ends up in the hands of competitors both foreign and domestic. Congress and Senate pages and case-workers share information with their friends and lobbyists. Some actually say; “If you want to get the straight goods, you need to be connected to the gay community.” Not sure how much pun is intended in that statement, but it is safe to say know what they are talking about.

The North Koreans, Russians, Chinese all have gay contingency spies. Some call them sex spies, but they are every much as part of the Washington DC scene as the “Belt Way Boys” or any “K-Street” Lobbying Firm. It is all in who you know and as the saying goes “who you blow” in Washington DC.

Let’s face it if you want good Intel in Washington you are going to have to pull your pants down for it, that’s the way things work. Some might criticize this as problematic, although once you get the hang of it, they say it is quite an easy system. Those in the know in Washington DC have many gay friends and use these relationships to get what they need. Some are Foreign spies gaining access to secrets, while others are just making the rounds, having some good times and passing the information on to friends in high places or reporters for a few kick me downs, invitations to great parties or a few extra bucks on the side.

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