Space Colonies a Primary Goal

Many folks who are pro-NASA and Pro-Space Colonies say that this should be our primary goal as a nation, as individuals and for corporations as well. However this argument is cut short with reality of the needs of mankind. Most individuals wish to live well, in freedom and abundance and a company’s goal in the current paradigm is to grow and profit. Provide shareholders value if a corporate entity. In a small business it is to profit and use that unit for trade to provide those things needed and desired by the proprietor. Growth and profit will provide the all. It always has provided that for us. Look where we are. Although an argument against where we are is duly noted compared to where we should be. However, even though one could say it is not good enough yet another could argue that we are not following the plan since we are clouding free enterprise with debris and intervention against the normal movements of free markets.

Let’s look at Paul Allen, Branson and their friend Burt Rutan, borrower of technology and design from where ever it might be or era it has come from, putting together their best efforts to move the ball forward without the bureaucracy of inherent in the stalled organizations so typical of the innate politics of human groupings. Where did this money come from? From profit motivated endeavors, which had at least one of their primary objectives as profit. So without the other motivation to secure the funds to go for it, because they can, they couldn’t have. Look at the additional funding of SETI by the former Intel gentleman? Sometimes we need to think about all the aspects of the equation before making blanket statements about what to do next.

We enjoy the spirit of such pro-Space and pro-NASA diehards in their comments about colonization and Business. We should all keep thinking on this concept.

Could you and I and 10 or so others design a better world? Surely with the right resources. Could or would mankind be willing to handle the disruption which would ensue in the process? Probably not. Does that mean you should not try? NO. ‘Means and Ends’ debates aside, where do you want to go today?

Humans like to be goal oriented, push for the stars so to speak. Well there they are and there are no limits from what we have seen. Mankind is best served when he has a safe harbor of civilization to allow for more time to think and enough abundance so those who wish to go beyond, dream and imagine other possible futures can bring those thoughts to fruition. We are best served when those with the abilities and aptitudes to think beyond are allowed to pursue their goals and are alleviated from the mundane and obligations of the whole to explore. If we are to ‘boldly go’ let’s not sacrifice all we are and all we have built to do it and by the same token let’s get going now, why wait for the future. Shouldn’t we move the species forward and allow for the forward progress of mankind? Think about it today.

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