How Can We Prevent Black Outs and Protect the Grid?

The idea is to have all the important items with minimal back-up systems while things are restored. There are so many ideas we have not explored and should explore. With a little proper usage and conservation and a cohesive plan, the Grid should be so safe and capable that it no longer will be looked on as a target of those who wish us ill. Even devises can be made that lay on the drive way and the drive wheels of the car sit on them and they spin wheels generating electricity for the house. People would not be totally without electricity in the event of a Black out, rolling brown out, or large transmission line failure. Traveling the country in a motor home and being self-contained gives me a little different perspective on things than most. It is time to put together a complete plan for the next 100 years to insure trouble free electricity and power for the country and then the world. Maybe at that point we can look into some revolutionary harvesting of space energy?

People need power to sustain civilized societies. If the flow of energy breaks down; we will we maybe reduced to chaos in the streets. We need to be able to have piece of mind when it comes to the flow of energy. In the United States we do, but it can always be better and as the future moves forward so should be and we must be committed to reliable, affordable and trouble free confidence, power and our ENERGY.

The Department of Energy is working on many new forms of energy generation for the future. Their huge R and D budget is helping us better our innovations in Solar, Wind, Hydro, Nuclear, Clean Coal, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and many others. We must maintain a smart energy policy to insure our civilization is safe from chaos. The flow of energy maybe one of the most important flows any civilization in this present period must protect. Think about it.

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