MUD ? Much Unnecessary Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission recently asserted in a report that the Franchising Industry needs more disclosure. Yet we are in time of heightened Homeland Security. Information of this type might be and may have already been used by International Terrorists who wish us ill. We already have too much unnecessary disclosure in American Business which is hurting our ability to compete in world markets.

This issue of MUD is not often discussed in franchising. The FTC report indicates a need for increased disclosure, however I see an unintended consequence here with this trend and thought process at the Federal Trade Commission. There is a problem in the current disclosure documents, which give away too much information to those who might attack our country. If we make these current franchise disclosure documents a permanent fixture in franchising then we are permanently opening ourselves up for further attack on our citizens, infrastructure and country which could cause dire consequences.

Although not a lot has been talked about on this issue; it is good the FTC has brought up the point of disclosure documentation in franchising. Many in the intelligence community have extreme concern over the information that is to be disclosed if it lands in the hands of international terrorist. Many franchise companies sell franchises which have equipment such as spray rigs, which contain water tanks, but in the hands of a terrorist they could be deadly. Such spray equipment and a little re-engineering could be used to spray biological weapons, pollute water supplies or kill our children in schools. There are many companies with such equipment in franchising. Take for example the franchises which sell lawn care businesses. The equipment has tanks and already adequate spray tips, onboard chemical mixing tanks, higher volumes of out put and larger tanks.

The franchise disclosure documents contain information on the location of each franchise, phone numbers, email addresses and names. Do we really want this out in the open? Why is it the Federal Trade Commission is so quick to demand such information be distributed to the public or any one who inquires about a franchise? Think about it?

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