The US Government; Under Sarbaines Oxley

Sarbaines Oxley was probably the easiest way to destroy free enterprise and it could be the quickest way to losing our government. If Agencies were forced into the same standards as the business community then they would be forced to close their doors. Yet, they attack American business over such things but cannot balance their own books. They attack and file lawsuits against our Nation’s greatest assets, our entrepreneurs and business folks. With whose money? With your money, that’s whose. This is the worst hypocrisy in the history of our Industrialized Nation. For instance the GAO cannot seem to figure out the chicken scratch that the FTC calls financial documents and budget justification.

The entire Justice Department may in fact be in the same boat as the FTC, demanding that business have perfect financial statements and pass audits otherwise stop business, yet the FTC who swears to up hold the constitution and to uphold the rights and safety from financial ruin of consumers, cannot even prove to consumers that they have done anything except build a web site touting their achievements.

The SEC, FCC, FAA, DOT, FDA, USDA, FTC, FBI all have serious issues in their accounting. Fraud is often uncovered and then blamed on an accounting irregularity and fixed, few are ever prosecuted within these ranks; why? If you put corporate execs in prison, employees of corporations in jail, then surely these agencies ought to hoe the same row with regards to their fraudulent activities where they exist. That is only fair for the taxpayer and citizen. The thought of the hypocrisy of such agencies, which levy fines, fees, and prosecute offenders of their rules and regulations is a little unnerving indeed. On one hand they levy fines and fees to justify self worth, attack free enterprise to prove to all of us that they are needed, run around and PR their justification and then abuse government credit cards, engage in fraud, lie to the public and media, misrepresent the actual budgets and usage of tax payers dollars? Hmmm? Does this seem right to you? Is this the government you signed up for? Is this the government you put your trust in? Do you think for one minute that the government could function under the over regulation of Sarbaines Oxley? Not a chance in hell. Think about it.

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