Where have all the Heroes gone

America is filled with standouts and perserverance; our nation has a rich heritage of strength and honor. We have so many heroes in our short 200 years of history it is hard to keep them all straight. Think of your favorite hero. So are many other great Americans. I can think of so many. Can you? How about the heroes of the past decade; what are their names? Can you name ten? Name them. If you cannot can you; you proved my point. As we have approached sameness and liberal views of; we are all equal; I challenge you to name these people, and we all admit there are heroes amongst us right?

We had the Olympics Games not long ago; can you name those sports heroes? We should be able too, we watched the Olympics on TV. We are so quick to attack those we look up to as heroes in the media. We often label our politicians heroes after tragic major events. We have heroes during this time of strife post 9-11, guys like Rudy, GW. During the previous period it was Ronald Regan who made us feel proud to be an American during that time. Many might say during the previous wars; Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, etc.

What about heroes other than politicians and soldiers? A lot of that is media spin anyway, war propaganda and carefully orchestrated public relations. Let us have some real heroes again; America needs them now. Heroes who exemplify those characteristics we must wish to emulate. Heroes who can inspire us; heroes who can make us feel proud again. Where have all the heroes gone? Think about it.

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