Whose Afraid of the Government; Whose the Government Afraid of?

We need a government that can be as responsive to our needs and to use the technology available to serve us better. Yet often our government feels threatened by those companies who move in the market place at lightning speed. It is those companies, which the government has the most to learn from. Let the government learn form the entrepreneurs and allow them to streamline their efforts to serve us better. Rather than regulating to death the life-blood of America for fear that change may eliminate the need for a large government and thus reduce their control. After all it is our government not theirs. Why should we feel threatened; we are the government.

Let the efficiency consultants and business people come in a help the government serve us better. Why cripple American Businesses who need to participate and compete in foreign markets. We need them to bring back some of our outgoing trade deficit flows. We are so over regulated it is hard to get out of first gear and get on the Global Highway. That does not mean we are down and out, it just means it would be nice to get a little help form the government so we can bring home some of the Worlds resources and money to US soil. Let’s use American Free Enterprise to provide jobs offset the fuel prices, which is in part from a misunderstanding in what fuel really is, how it is made, refined and used.

Additionally, why not let the private sector help the government practice with a few small projects to prove this works. There is no need for long lines needed at the Vehicle Registration Counters, Building Permit Counters, Unemployment Offices (there should not even be an unemployment office in this current economy anyway). Transfer everyone to other departments for six months. We have plenty of jobs for those willing to work.

It is silly to protect the large blob of bureaucracy from the inherent efficiency it needs to survive and thrive. The businesses of America are not against you (us); we are with you, we are you. You see? Let’s commit ourselves to working together so we can fly again? Think about it.

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