Why Can’t We Have a More Responsive Government?

The great people of the United States of America deserve and should have a more responsive government. What is the problem; we are the government; so why are we holding ourselves back? Let’s get busy and get it done. Dog catchers, building plans, code enforcement, even the city councils, county commissioners should be as responsive as the police departments, FedEx or the American Automobile Club. After all if, a customer calls, who pays taxes they should be given the same service that Dominos Pizza would give them if you called for a pizza. Why can it not be this way? Truth is it can.

Government before it destroys the forests ought to catch a clue and stop producing so much paperwork to make them selves look good. Sometime check out the per employee amount of paper waste from Boeing, GE, Microsoft, Intel, HP, and then compare it to government agencies of similar size. Ouch! Fact is the answer is about 1:50. Why? Because government is inefficient; business has to be efficient to make money to so it can comply with all the over regulations that make it nearly impossible to deliver the product or service to the consumer at a fair price. AT&T fills out 37,000 pages of tax returns; why? This could all be done easily by an interface with their accounting department. Guess what? AT&T would be happy to send the government agencies this information electronically, it is nearly all public information anyway since it is a public company.

Why can’t we streamline the waste and tame the blob of bureaucracy to work for us. For God’s Sake we are the Government; that is what they taught us in school. Let’s hold them to those ideals, hold our selves to that truth. Let’s make government more responsive to us, the people. For us and by us. Think about it.

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