OSHA is just more BS from the Blob of Bureaucracy

Is Ohio Manufacturing Sector really unable to compete in the world market? Is the auto industry, which is the state’s manufacturing rock really in jeopardy. Are the Unions really killing the manufacturing sector causing off shoring of American jobs? Let me offer an alternative view of the situation from an Ayn Rand perspective. Yes the manufacturing sector took hits from steel prices, unions, power costs, sector rotations in the auto industry as well as over seas and NAFTA competition. But the biggest problem of all is none of those things. Not a single one could kill off an industry that sells on average of 15-18 million cars per year. One must look at other factors as well. Also out in full force is our wonderful OSHA Agency due to strong union and the online complaint system.


Do not get on the Union’s bad list everyone has a friend who works Union and knows how to make a big deal out of nothing, in order to be vindictive, get out of work or a honest days pay. The lawyers love these cases, because they win even if no one else wins. The courts are stacked with them. One thing, which has come out of this is that OH is amongst one of the strongest states where even small businesses offer Health Care Coverage so they can compete in the labor markets. The average is 67% of all Ohio small businesses offer health care now.

OSHA has done more to destroy American industry than any other three or four letter agency in this entire blob of bureaucracy. OSHA is by far the most disgusting excuse for a government agency in the entire country. OSHA is driving away American jobs and denying the average worker his sense of responsibility; which is fitting in that the fine folks at OSHA have none either. The current OSHA laws are 57 stories high if you stack all the pages, you can purchase it for $500.00 and it will be mailed to you; it comes on 5 CD ROMS. Give me a break, you call this a viable way to handle the manufacturing sector which is 22% of our nations jobs? Think about it.

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