Environmentalists Say GM Seeds are Bad News

Environmentalists say GM Seeds are bad for the environment, dangerous to the security of the world’s food supply and will cause millions to starve. Yet when one really looks at the debate none of those statements can be made in absolute truth. Why is it bad for the environment? GM crops were said to be bad by some environmentalists, but Monsanto has figured out a way to terminate the seeds, this terminates them from spreading to other strains of DNA, RNA of natural or wild crops. Thus helps the environment. It is a relatively brilliant “Green Technology” We get to have our cake and grow it too.

It is not disastrous for the world food security at all on further scrutiny of this argument, it may very well end up saving us and feeding the world until we understand the full impact of our playing God with seeds. If they terminate we also terminate any adverse side effects or Genetically Modified mistakes. This way you do not end up with resistant Mosquitoes, Modified insects or losses of Natures own best-evolved plants, crops and foods. So it is a great interim step to make sure that we have enough food to eat while figuring out how science can fix the future problems we face, which look bleak but we are a smart creature these humans. We do not know all we need to know yet. By Monsanto and others making more money they can feed the world and make people healthier, happier and safer from diseases; all of which problems tend to increase during long drought periods as known by history of plagues, viruses and diseases.

Meanwhile, I wish to point out that this is a stepping stone to the future not an absolute end game. One critic in brazil of Monsanto’s terminator GM seeds; Ms. Ribierio ought to be out and about telling people to stop reproducing us into oblivion, because if people would do less baby making and more thinking none of these problems would even be eventful enough to cause a stir of controversy for us to be arguing over “means” when people are dying around the world of AIDS, Cancer, Malaria, Dysentery and a host of other things due to over taxation of our current Bio-system. The mortality rate is 5:1 for children in Africa right now and it is not getting better fast enough, some say it is getting worse as children are being born with AIDS, not much future there? Think about it, lets use the technology we have now to move mankind forward.

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