Wartime Prisoners and the Will to Fight; War is Hell, Let?s Win Alright?

We learned some lessons in these last few wars. For instance: some of Saddam’s Iraqi army personal may have given up or volunteered to give up to slow us down. Prisoners take time to handle and resources to collect. Some are now saying we should not have spared them. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. The only thing relevant of the Geneva Convention rules for modern warfare in collecting and giving back prisoners, is that you have guaranteed future wars as those prisoners return to their state and tell of the over embellished atrocities of the enemy. Ironic that you can spare someone and return them to their family and they live to make things worse for you later.

Lets take look at John Mc Cain prisoner of the our enemy eventually returned. Now in significant political position and of significant knowledge of war to re-wage war against other foes for of our Nations; stead fast in his resolve to push thru legislation for better fighting vehicles, weaponry and tough as nails when it comes to negotiations with states like Iran or North Korea. That is good for us, but bad for them. Likewise if we spare men who are taken prisoner, we will inevitably cause a back lash against us later and thus passing on bad will towards Americans to future generations coming in contact with that individual spared returnee. Many of the prisoners we captured in Gulf War I fought against us in Gulf War II. Real guns and ammo attempting to kill real Americans, think about that for a second.

In Cuba we have collected terrorists. It is more humane to kill them now then to leave them in prison forever. If for some reason they are returned they return heroes to their countrymen and a thorn in our side. This is bad. Let us return to the original subject here. WILL TO WIN, WILL TO FIGHT. I have been watching the number of attorneys in the military and political arena who argue the definitions of right and wrong. First in war it is all gray and you cannot make sense of any of it. How can you make sense of killing your own species over some ridiculous argument of political will?

Yet we must protect our people, that clearly is the mission here. How can we protect our people fighting battles half way and succumbing to the liberal media views and the academia BS. I did not invent war, I do not even condone war; war sucks. Yes war is hell, yes it is bad, yes it makes no sense from an intellectual standpoint, but it must be dealt with. You cannot turn your back on it. If you do they will march you off to concentration camps and you will be killed when they decide feeding you is too expensive. War is hell, yes that is correct. War is evil, yes that is safe to say in the modern context of a society. So with that said and war having been waged on us and being contemplated to be waged on us some more with weapons of mass destruction. We must remember what war is as we fight a war. War is hell so we bring a little hell to the enemy. What is hell on Earth? Hell is firestorms, hell is mutulated people screaming, hell is evil and bad. That is what our enemy brought to us. We must bring this to the enemy. Get tough and pay attention America there are folks out there that are plotting to kill you and I and everyone we associate with. If there is going to be a war, God forbid, let’s win it and stop trying to do it half way. Think about it.

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