Going All Out to Win a War

Conventional warfare is getting to its limits. Soon wars will be fought by robots and on many more fronts, which will render civilization completely immobilized. What is going all out to win a war? What does that mean? We can do this with tactical nuclear weapons, germ warfare, poisoned water supply, etc. And as many of academia have said we should not do that because it is evil. They say the; “means are not justified by the ends.” Yes, this is most likely true, but neither does war. If someone wages war against you, it is a little late to be talking about means and justifications, they are trying to kill you. I would debate then this fact “The ends do not justify the means.” If we fight the war fair and they do not and we all die, who cares about means justifying anything, if you and I perish due to some lunatic with a nuclear weapon pointed at one of our cities or just parked in a container in downtown Las Angeles, Houston, Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago? Does it matter that you followed all the rules of war? Hell that is what the Brits did in the revolutionary war, lined up in rows and tried to fight a gentleman’s war? Look there is nothing gentleman like about fighting a war or killing a member of your own species.

Let us look at a war fought on really nice terms, which does not work and causes us to be disrespected and laughed at. It only causes more wars. If you go with their argument of means not justifying ends; so you make sure that you have the proper means and do only the right things knowing full good and well it will not produce the required results, then why do it? Simply surrender to the Saddam and neighboring states and let them run our country and the rest of the world, teach all the humans of the world to bow towards Mecca five times per day, damaging the brain inside the skull from all that jarring and be done with it. If you fight a nice war and take the high road you will cause a longer war, more casualties and more future wars. That does not justify the ends. If your means are of the highest ethical of tactics but fail to yield desired results then you lose by default and if losing is what will occur, then do you participate. Wait it out.

Swift and decisive victories in the history of wars have been the most humane and best for civilization. Sounds like rhetoric, but it is reality and Carl von Clauswitz is not to be brushed aside so easily for a more civilized version, which garners no results. Wars have only killed 1% of all the population, which has ever died on our planet. It is not a big number yet as future wars escalate and more people are fallen victim they could be much worse. If we attack decisively and quickly the most people will be spared and we can have peace and celebrate as the world celebrates with us. We have the will to fight this one correctly and enough will at present to pull out all the stops, yet if we wait time passes and our resolve will be weakened by our liberal media and academia reason when the reality should take precedence.

We should be playing to win and protecting our people as outlined in the Constitution from the forces who would have us enslaved and killed based on a religious doctrine that has been bastardized and hardly resembles anything close to the original works of Islam. Fight to win. Use all you have available. Pull out all the stops and knock off this insanity. Another thought had occurred to me while re-reading the book “Germs-America’s Secret Bio Weapons War”. Perhaps the books entitled “The Hand Book of Poisons” and “How to Kill” ought not to be readily Available in major book stores; perhaps those book stores would be willing to not sell them as part of their efforts to help civilization and Americans. It is the least they can do. A simple request is easy from a high governmental source. Remember we have home grown terrorist amongst us as well. For whatever reason one of our own might forsake his/her fellow citizens is a debatable topic indeed. And since it is a problem perhaps we ought to not make it so easy to hurt thy fellow countryman and citizen. Our enemy is plotting right now to kill you and we are so caught up with issues of wartime or International Terrorist prison abuses and an occasional Koran flushing down a military prison toilet that we are missing the point. These folks who plot against us want you and I dead. Shouldn’t we show them a swift kick in the ass; American Style. Don’t Tread on Me. Did someone forget? Think about it; I’ll get back to you.

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