Mexican Trucks in the United States; NAFTA Trade and Problems

Expected new applications for Mexican trucks to enter the US to be over 9000 in 2005. Most of these newer applications will be to take freight to Port Los Angeles for shipping to Asian markets, and importing parts to be assembled and shipped to Mexico and later sold in the US. Many see a little bit of a problem with imported freight in LA stopping on its way to Mexico and unloaded somewhere without permits.

Dirty Mexican trucks will have that clay dirt on them and potentially noxious and non-indigenous weeds on their undercarriages. Since they have to comply with CA excessive grease laws they will be pulled over and cited eventually, but you have to remember the shear volume of trucks out there coming from over the borders. What about the dirt washed off the truck in case of contamination of e. coli and other non-local eco diseases, bacteria and species of insects? Much of their produce is watered with gray water and in some cases raw sewage contaminated water.

Others see another malathion problem brewing with little tiny fruit flies coming in on trucks over the border. If Japan again refuses to buy CA fruit again due to the infestation of another type of fruit fly or other insect it could kill CA agriculture business, which is still about 20% of their economy. There are not enough truck wash-out companies over the borders to clean the interiors and exteriors of these trucks and the water they moght use would also inevitably be gray water too. There is no time to build more truck washes that can handle 9000 trucks a day near the borders. It appears that the FDA will be instituting harsher requirements in areas serviced by the 10, 35, 25, 37, 5, 95 freeways. Many agencies are considering the disease issues such as the CDCs. Free Enterprise is looking at ways to service the needs of our people and protect them from possible contamination from foreign markets, but it is a monumental task and it really looks as if no one cares or sees these issues in our Blob of bureaucracy which has sworn to protect us from harm. Think about it. The bugs are.

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