Silicon Valley Brain Drain; Bad Trade Policies, Why?

We have brain drain issues in Silicon Valley, we have taught so many students from India, Pakistan, China all kinds of heavy duty industrial high tech studies and research and now that they cannot find jobs, many will be going back to those countries to work and with them all our technology. Brain fart? You teach them nuclear physics and you assume if they go back they will make paper dolls or something? Try nuclear weapons dummy. Besides realize that their countries will make them design these weapons, so much for Whirled Peas?


Right now many of these countries are working in manufacturing using our technologies, which are then sold by our companies. Unfortunately, they will have all those smart kids going back now. Which have manufacturing advantages there and know how to run businesses, have MBA, knowledge, high tech schooling, so why wouldn’t they set up their own factories competing against American Companies and why wouldn’t the emerging market funds be financing them. Hint; They are already, we have just given it all away. What we do not give away they take. This is because Eastern and Western Culture differ. In Eastern Culture you give knowledge to your friends. We told them we were our friends and so they take the knowledge, that is their culture they way it is suppose to be. But in Western Culture and in capitalism if you have a business or technological secret you keep it and make money with it.

As I listen to the CATO Think Tank call for free trade, I do not here enough of the real factors, such as getting rid of some of this onerous regulations in the United States. Regulations which hurt barriers to entry by way of over disclosure, attacks on financial markets making IPOs not worthy ROI risk, assisting attorneys in suing companies. Couple this with a depressed market, over zealous unions, lack of worth ethic employees, Homosexual regulators who have never made a pay check crucifying strong men with the energy and will to be entrepreneurs. Outrageous spews of BS by liberal thinking Presidential Candidates. Academia attacks on capitalism for theories of Socialism citing ethics issues as the politicians screw their 20 year-old perfect body blonde interns. Don’t get me wrong sounds great, I could use a little extra sex myself I suppose, but everyone is missing the point here.

What is a matter with everyone, why did everyone turn off their brains and give up so easy? Too much Prozac? I cannot believe what I am seeing, a complete melt down of everything that made America great? Why? What is wrong with all you stupid humans anyway? Think about it?

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