The Unborn and Cloning

The Unborn

With all this cloning in the news one can’t help but to treat himself to the human embryo side of the moon, I mean: womb; it’s just brings me back to old news days 20 to 25-years ago. Not sure how far we’ve come, where we are going, and for the most part, where we are at. And like most people you take a stand, be it black, white for gray. And as I indicated in my last article, or one of them, I’m a bit confused on the whole subject. And this is what I think the majority on the left wants; confusion makes you produce doubt, and they all like to play with our doubts do they not; for their betterment, and not for our best interest of course.

Since I did a here and now article a few days ago in the Cloning area, maybe I can find some loose threads of the past to weave into my web. I think we’ve all been told, though mostly overlooked for convenience, six week old fetus’ have human faces, formulated; as it may be termed: germination has taken place. And I remember when embryos as young as 4-weeks old were of top news, old crap now. And simply because the embryos float around like mini-fish in the watery void of its mother’s womb, lidless eyes you might add, or unblinking, and it only being an inch-long or thereabouts, but it just is waiting for the paramount growth process, which is simply weeks away, somewhere around 6 to 8 weeks. But of course this is not touched on much now days, is it? And for good reason: we live in an emotional body, and our system cannot take such reality.

Before I go on, I will be a little hypocritical: if stem cell research could prolong my life (and it was offered) I’d tell the doctor next door, shoot the serum in me, or the operation. On the other hand, would I vote for my tax money to be spent in this area on research and development? No more than the one-sided abortion clinics. If the doctor said, “I could have saved your life had you allowed stem cell research to continue (cloning research progress in essence),” I’d so, well, that is life, if it’s time to go, it’s fine with me, we all die, some sooner and some later, this is a well understood fact, we just don’t think about it today, put it off for tomorrow, then we are laying in the hospital bed, at 70 or 80 or 90 saying: I’m actually here, I’m old. But old people die; it is how it was planned. If we want to live longer, stop the wars, poverty and thievery. So I’m not too hypocritical, just logical, and faith bound.

A few abortions are terminated because of abnormalities of the embryo development, not sure if this should be linked to my article, but it seems to float right into my neurological system, or is it psychological makeup, so easily. Anyhow, thus, pregnancies are terminated; I call it one life for another, or perhaps, too much work thereafter. Right or wrong, the health issue is a strong one, as is stem cell research, both dealing with prolonging life physically and/or psychologically (and perhaps a longer visit with our loved ones). But if you don’t have it together with them now, you will always be on the ‘too late,’ side).

But I do believe we are not the Rhesus monkey, although primate research may think so. So I see on the horizon the gates being opened to health science more as we fall down the spaghettlike-tubs, which will be the judges of the future, who will determine our destiny. Not sure if we are going backwards or frontward in our labor’s of love.

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