Philosophical Thoughts from a Road Warrior; Part II

Continued thoughts while driving down the road in a huge semi; mobile command center, the miles click by, but the mind flies thru time at the speed of thought.

Yet as we previously approached Socialism at a rapid rate and faster than anytime in our history during the previous 8 years administration we did not allow for it. We condemned athletes, movie stars, politicians, businessmen, war heroes, through our trying to make everyone the same and we condemned any type of individual personalities. Yet without it, this great experiment in democracy cannot exist. We are a country of innovators and thinkers from all other nations, come to one place to do what ever it is we do and pursue what ever we wish and we all benefit from the Lance Armstrong’s and Vince Lombardi and Bill Gates and John Waynes. All these people are/were individualists and with passion, partly personified and created by our entire population as a hole, our society and of course their will. .. .. ..

Why do we tear down others who are winners when it is every ones desire in our society the way it has been created to achieve. Achieve whatever it is we want. A happy family, a successful career, passing on our genes, that my friends is America. That is what we are, we cannot condemn those who accept the challenge and even persevere through the challenges and brick walls set forth through our government, because of our will. We vote on laws to hurt individuality, to hurt successful business men and women, that hurts peoples dreams to be some body some day, to win, to achieve to succeed and to make a difference. It is not that the American dream has vanished, because truly we can have it all, it just is a lot harder than it appears to be taught in schools. America has sold its self to its children and citizens all the right ideals and then puts in the way too many barriers for that goal.

It is okay to release the carrot to those who are readily able and willing to do what ever it takes to achieve it. .. .. ..We should be teaching truth and honor, integrity and pride. We should be teaching the reality currently and how we can make it better in the future and let some of us concentrate on that, we should be teaching the past and the struggle and the great minds of dead philosophers, politicians, athletes and businessmen. War heroes and scientists.

But we should not sugar coat it, we should make it a stepping-stone for the future. If we keep readjusting our own history every 20 years to make people happy about whom they are and who we are, we will not be able to move forward in the future. We will simply repeat the past again and again. It appears by looking at this economy and the way things are going, we have not learned anything. Greenspan has warned us, but we simply repeat dumb mistakes. It appears by listening to the media that they are clearly over stepping any sense of reality or responsibility. It appears every time someone success to the top pedestal he is an enemy of the people, instead of the hero he/she should be. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why are we hurting the progress of man? We watch as other countries sensor media and information to control their people and then institute fear and death to those who wish to rise and achieve. We cannot really say we are any better, yes it easier in America and it is the best country in the World, but we can do better.

We may be better by intent but not over better than all other countries in the process. .. .. .. We can do so much more. We have children who are nourished and have fully formed and working brains, we have less malnutrition than in other countries. Only 32% of children in this country are malnourished. (By the way we should fix that number too). Only 16% of the kids are given ridilen (a travesty in itself). We only fluorinate 76% of our water supply with .02%, (people get enough of that it their tooth paste). So there is no reason for the dumming down of our population in IQ tests and math scores. We have set standards to low. We have made people believe it is too easy and then when they approach the end of their lives they realize that they achieved very little and were unfulfilled, at least the thinkers and the intelligent people do. Many choose a god and follow a religious doctrine find comfort, solace in that and also comradery and socialization.

And some sense of purpose, something they need. The worse off a country has its people the more apt the impoverished, undernutrionized, and enslaved people will turn to A god to pray to. Like a desolate and isolated child finds an invisible friend. The problem is the god they find in other nations is not compatible with the rest of the world. It certainly is not resemblance of our Christian God. If we look at Afghanistan we see this and then we see a rise to power of a fanatical and manipulator who has to pick an enemy to build a team, punish and induce fear. Well when the Talaban leadership picks us as the enemy and has all these people believing the sob story then we cannot fight that. The only way to fight it is to use Machiavellian tactics back against him and then to enlighten the people through education. .. .. ..

But we cannot stop there; there must be nutrition for development of brainpower and new leadership, which fosters all the things we have been discussing. Of course if we are unwilling to go the distance and others in a region decide they would like to take control, then we may have more of the same to a lesser degree, but never the less more of the same. A scary thought. .. .. .. With populations of the Earth too high anyway there, is another solution that no one wishes to discuss. So if that is not an option birth control needs to be instituted so people can be fed, or genetic corn should be allowed and RSD water treatment for fresh water and POTWs for waste water to help the country survive. But realize in this case we are talking about a desert city, with little resources anyway. .. .. .. Back to the subject at hand fixing of America. We cannot attack American businesses if they are to compete in a Global Market, as soon as we do, we put out question marks to those companies as they enter new markets abroad, and this hurts them. At the same time we allow Daimler Chrysler to come to our country and buy up half of our auto/truck companies after we bailed out Chrysler to help America? Interesting turn of events would you not say? Then we attack Ford for tires and GM for something else. We attack GE for pollution authorized by the vary agency suing them and then the Europeans stop a merger here from the new company selling in their countries.

We hurt Microsoft, the same leadership of which stands up at the Davos Convention and tells world leaders that the poverty and aids crisis in this century is unacceptable. Now the EU will use the FTC issues against Microsoft. They will use that to hurt them and stifle them against foreign companies over there as the EU brings suit. We are hurting our own team. Microsoft can bring over important minds for the innovation of our country, military, government and companies through its enormous R and D expenditures. I hope whom ever thinks they are in charge of such will read this.

It appears that no one is and that it is just a giant cluster fuck of epic proportions run amuck by those Justice department agencies that do not understand what the big picture is and their place in it. The case workers and paper workers are not going to change the world in that capacity hiding behind bullshit and inane rules that they do not even understand which are 20 years antiquated in a business infrastructure moving 20 years in two months these days. It is best to get out of the way so you do not get hurt.

I believe if the government brings suit against a good company with bogus claims against it that they be responsible for the loss in stock price from the news of such headline propaganda to promote their agency and personal advancement, that the case workers be thrown in jail for abuse for power for personal advancement in a dead agency, or to get a job in private sector on the other side of the fence next year. If this penalty against the government for meddling in stuff they cannot fathom is done for the sake of free enterprise, justice and the American way (which is capitalism last time I checked, not socialism) then maybe the government after a suit from a GE, Microsoft, Ford or other giant might take a huge budget percentage and then government can think twice about their role in a Friedman Economic System and I am sure If you read The Right To Chose by Milton and Greenspan Speaks you may find out I am not the only one saying this. .. .. ..

We need balance, not bullshit; we need the America we were promised as kids. That if you work hard, follow the rules and do your best at everything you do, then you will succeed at whatever you chose. Not a bad mantra, and it is possible, yet we see our agencies of government run by those who believe counter to this cause and that is bad. Why do we do this to ourselves?

As I wave the flag I realize that my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and had a mission, today I realize that mission has not been completely fulfilled. Betsy Ross is also in our family tree and as I fly my flag I realize that there are not only 13 colonies in a circle like before, there are 50, thus a bigger US mean more responsibility, I accept that and ask our government agencies to also accept that and do you job, but understand your place. As I fly my flag I realize governments number one job is to protect her people, and then I understand there are now more people with different views, coming from different countries, wanting different lifestyles and self segregating and not melting properly, that is our fault and we must fix the problem.

As I fly my flag I see so much hope, so much promise and such a great future. I do not condemn my country, I condemn those who tear it apart, distort its purpose and do everything but promote the American Dream of peace and freedom, liberty and justice, the dream of being and achieving, of living and loving of striving and succeeding and most of all knowing that the next generation will be greater and grander than the last. I want my American dream and I will do what ever it takes so my team and myself will have it. What about you. What are you going to do about it. Hey maybe government moves so slowly because they do not want to end up like Enron? Those poor employees and their 401Ks. Ouch, so much for Corporate retirement. .. .. ..We need a lot more work on all these subjects and we cannot allow innovators and doers in our society to be stifled if we are to go forth all the way in our mission to defeat terrorism without wiping out all we have built. There is much more work ahead. At this time we cannot afford the luxury of slow government, we must move swiftly both for short term objectives and long term ones. .. .. .. I apologize to those who do not know who Falkner, Woolf and Dennis Miller are or were. I deliver this post on the day that Virginia Woolf finished her greatest work decades ago, it was published a few years later in Spring. . .. .. ..

..For those who need a clearer understanding of what I have said here and why, here are a few points. #1 We cannot set up any countries new government until we fix our own. We need to do that anyway. We promised our people we would. It is fixable and we have not fixed it yet. We should fix it. Even if we do set up some one else’s new government without fixing our own, we should realize it will not be perfect either #2 It is hard to help others who cannot comprehend that they have a problem in the first place, nor understand or appreciate the gift we give. #3 We need to fix the next generation in Afghanistan if we are to succeed in what is right, for the long term. #4 I believe in the American Dream, although we should make it real for everyone who is willing to go the distance. #5 You should too and you should help and we should all work together and not expect someone else to do it for us. #6 If our government lets us down occasionally it is our own fault for not setting higher standards. #7 The media is not taking responsibility for the great gift they were given, freedom of the press and freedom of speech. With these freedoms comes responsibility and they are irresponsible too often. The media has clearly hurt America recently and continues to do so. #8 The Franchising Format is the way to make all World governments work together, it is the appropriate system for that, but first to franchise anything you need a proven model, That is something for which I know better than anyone. #9 We are inefficient, there is no need to be wasteful, it slows progress and costs money, better to spend it where it is really needed. #10 We have previously attacked American Business and hurt our selves, not helped anyone. #11 We have great leaders and minds amongst us, which can easily fix these inefficiencies. # 12 These are the kinds of things I think about when I am stuck in traffic, when I am not; observing all the dirty cars which are potential clients for our team; figuring out ways to maximize our market potential; ways to crush the competition; and clean up the world. #13 We should not fear change, but embrace it, change is good. We need it now. #14 Even if you are totally greedy, you will do better in the end when everyone else does better too. #15 We are a Capitalistic society and until otherwise voted on it must remain that way. We have a Constitution, we often are not following its intent in our federal Departments, it is not to stifle companies because competitors complain who cannot compete. #16 We are all Americans Democrat, Republican or other. There are lots of caring people on both sides and some alive some are dead. #17 No matter how bad things seem they are pretty good considering all that has happened. #18 All these thoughts have a common theme and are examples of where we have fallen down, where we have succeeded, where we can improve and why we should continue to persevere. #19 The trip from Katy TX to West Houston HWY 6 is six minutes, 22 seconds at 75 mph. Surely we can fix things within a years time if we can recognize and identify these problems in 6 minutes.

That is not too much change is it? What is taking so long? Is it Fear of Change? Or should we simply Change our Fears?

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