NASCAR to be Shut Down by FTC?

The Federal Trade Commission has very important Anti-trust Laws. They say these laws protect us from Evil Monopolies. Many believe this is in the best interest of our civilization, society and of course the consumer. The NASCAR franchise is absolutely a monopoly and successful because people love NASCAR. It provides the fans what they want and we gladly pay to watch the most competitive men and machines trust thru the laws of physics to greater and greater speeds and efficiency. There is no greater sport that tests the wills of men. NASCAR combines these factors to bring us the ultimate.

It is surprising we have these monopoly laws in our country and that they threaten to shut down those things, which give mankind and consumers alike the entertainment and happiness they seek. It is amazing we have agencies, which actually wish to take away our pursuit of happiness and those businesses, which bring consumers what we vote for with our dollars. After all it is our money, why do they attack these companies that provide us what we desire? NASCAR fans across America will soon be asking why to we have anti-trust laws in this country? Why do we have a Federal Trade Commission, which is so anti-consumer and anti-business? Do they want to kill American businesses so that America will give all the jobs to Mexico and China? Why would a government agency wish to take away our NASCAR?

Well think about it, they tried to take away your Oil with Rockefeller. They tried to take away your phone with AT&T. They tried to take away your computer with the attack on Bill Gate’s who has given more back more money to the world than anyone else in the history of mankind. Now will they try to take away your NASCAR? You never know, look at what they tried to do to us in the past? Can we trust them with their own anti-trust laws? No, way. You must call your Senator and Congressman today to tell them to reduce the FTC’s budget. You must not let then attack NASCAR, because eventually they may try to attack that too?

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