Profiling Eco-terrorists

The FBI recently before Congress stated that Eco-Terrorism was on the rise and it is probably the most significant current Domestic Threat. Unfortunately it is somewhat hard to profile these folks as most are misfits of society and somewhat socially inept. They do have some common ground however. First they hate Modern Day Corporations and believe that any problem of our society stems from corporations. They blame McDonald’s for making us fat; Tobacco companies for cancer; Oil companies for world poverty and Drug Companies for diseases in third world nations.

They cite example after example of skewed and selective attacks on corporate advertising rather than personal responsibility. They are conspiracy theorists generally. Almost all of them are heavy into drugs and are the first to tell you that it is not a problem at all. They are all for legalizing marijuana and taxation to solve any economic crisis. They all believe in free health care. They were Jerry Garcia caps in many colors to cover their matted hair because they rarely take showers.

Despite all the backwards thinking and drugs many are intelligent and use this intelligence to just get by and sponge off others who have means. Many times they have wealthy friends who are trust fund babies and fund their alcohol and drug addictions, which they deny. Most of their wealthier friends know of their activities but do not come forward, as these ELF people provide social acceptance for them, that perhaps the trust fund babies lacked growing up.

Generally the ELF groups are groups of what some to believe to be total losers and one could hardly disagree upon study of the profile of those Eco-Terrorists who have already been caught by the Canadian Mounties or the FBI in the United States. Usually each group of ELF is a loosely affiliated group, which has a personal call to the cause and may not even be in regular contact with other groups. This makes them harder to catch, but not impossible as many of these groups have been infiltrated by FBI, local enforcement and informants.

Eco-terrorists have started huge forest fires, although deny those usually. Burned down entire resort towns, often deciding not to take credit for it. Burned down million dollar homes in the woods and rural areas. They have attacked laboratories, research facilities and corporations. They have burned down car dealerships, lumberyards, kennels and construction projects. They claim to be helping the environment by polluting trillions of cubic units of our atmosphere, killing helpless animals in the forest and sending toxic fumes into the city? They do this in the name of Environmentalism? This just proves that drugs warp your mind and that these folks are clearly a nuisance as well as a clear and present danger to our civilization. There goals and objectives also seem to coincide with much of the Islamic radical fundamentalist International Terrorist and some believe that there are ELF cells who have been infiltrated by Al Queda. I believe this is occurring, since their objectives are so similar and it is a Canadian based organization. Think about it.

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