Shooting Around Corners with New Concept

Currently the United States has weapons, which can shoot around corners, but they are not as accurate as we wish them to be. Often an insurgent will sit a top a building with a superior vantage point and a good location. He will then pick off our guys as they attempt to move and advance forward. Once this is learned a gun, which shoots around corners can be used to try to get the sniper or group of insurgents around the corner. Currently or soldiers have small cameras which display what is around the corner on the barrel of the gun which is bent to shoot around the corner, which displays in the night vision goggle system or head display on the helmet.

There are a couple of problematic issues with this shooting around corners weaponry. One is the recoil, which moves the weapon away from the wall and thus makes it hard to pick off your target first time, meaning you have now made yourself the enemies target as well. I propose suction devices to be used to place the gun against the wall and use the wall as a point for pivoting the weapon for aiming. I propose the same type of suction type grips used in the hardware business for vice clamps on workbenches. Here is one such device, but realize there are so many to choose from in the J.C. Whitney Catalog that we can pick one most similar to our needs and modify it slightly.


There could also be a double lever, which uses suction for the other side of the wall without sticking your arm or other body part around the corner to secure it. The lever would automatically attach as you secured the suction devices on your side of the wall.

Next I propose we use no-recoil The AA-12 and AA-12 CQB type system or little recoil weapon where the bullets are fed around the corner into the chamber and then use this scenario:


With a rapid-fire system of many bullets at a time or a combination of this system and the designs used for the larger shelled “metal storm” weaponry. Additionally we need to look at a centrifuge scenario weapon, which can be used to shoot around corners in rapid fire like a machine gun. The wheel spins and lets loose of the bullets as it spins and wheel slightly sticks out around the corner. The suction clamps would in this case have and “L” bracket on the end to insure that it rests in place so the bullets clear the wall. The eye or vision camera would sit on top of the wheels center with an extension arm and site, as the information is sent to the helmet vision system for day or night warfare.


We must be able to shoot around corners and kill the murderous insurgent radical international terrorists without losing our own soldiers. Besides such devices make sense for the “War on Drugs” and gang warfare as well. Think on this.

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