North Korea and Diplomatic Solutions; Random Thoughts Part III

Sizing up North Korea is important for a war there. We must leave all options on the table and of course give the Chairman of North Korea the respect he wishes while remaining firm as Hell until it freezes over in fact if that’s what it takes; I now conclude my random thoughts over the last few years on North Korea and Diplomatic Solutions.

The North Koreans also use roads most unpaved and canals, which can only take little boats. There are thirteen ports all must be blocked to prevent problems, four larger ones could be used to sink merchant ships in the harbors to block them. Under water unmanned subs could serve useful in a war with them. They have a crude oil pipeline target as well to hit first. Perhaps South Korea or Pakistan could fly in there and have fun with trying to take it out. That would be a victory they could do and would prove their self worth and military prowess and give them some nationalism pride, they just love that type of thing anyway, a sense of purpose, you have to love the innate characteristic of man for testosterone, have at it boys. They have a merchant marine, but it is only 122 ships and I doubt if they wish to lose that many vessels to future and unnatural coral reef homes of sea life, you know? Speaking of course of our dumping of trolley cars from NJ into the Atlantic and proclaiming it middle class homes for starfish and sea horseys? Whatever; like Chevron and the Dinosaurs I guess Pangaea Age was interesting, North Korea was not even around back then.

North Korea has 6 petroleum tankers, which could easily be held up at neighboring harbors while in route. They have about 90 some airports including smaller dirt strips and we need to watch those carefully and break them into attack grids. Forty runways are paved many too small for jets. But not to land troops once captured a C-130 with jado bottles could fly in with breaks on unload and see ya, be gone. Korea’s army is no small affair with 3.6 million in it including Army, Navy, weak Air force and police, which act as military. Remember there are some 6 million additional military age men in the country that will be forced to fight before the regime is to give up. That is a lot of bullets and we cannot take all the women here who will be left, we are already lop sided in the US by almost 1% too many females to males.

The Korean’s People Army is big enough now. And may I ask why it is always the same rogue nations causing all the problems? Drug trade and trafficking problems in North Korea.


and in Iraq too:


and we already are well aware of Afghanistan’s major cash crop? Weather in North Korea is problematic for a war or invasion and the heat in their summer seasons is a tough one. We found the current weather not fun to fight in. We prefer Nov or April probably. Now is okay but that humidity is a bummer in the summer time.


I hope you enjoyed some random thoughts on the up coming war with North Korea in case they renege on their promise to drop their nuclear ambitions to sell WMD to our International Terrorists enemies and the Nation States which sponsor them. You know we really do live in historic times, in fact this maybe the last hurrah for large scale wars in the present period as mankind is about over all that non-sense as we have more important issues to deal with; ah, speaking of the weather indeed. Think on this for me.

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