Media and the Iraq War, Some Random Thoughts Indeed 2001

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts on issues many of which are opinion and should be looked at as such, some are not even my opinion but opinions of people I have talked with and wished to pass on. The first item I wish to discuss is the World News reporting which is anti-American. First I have seen many reports about the Iraq situation. We are seeing that foreign reporters are seeking out Iraq families who are lying on TV about the US activities. These are being reported as Gospel by the media and shown throughout the world. I would have to say we are now fighting the anti-American liberal World Wide media, which is further inciting locals and other Muslims of neighboring countries to do demonstrations and thus rally anti-American support.

This is not good.

But it is par for the course as if a payback to America since many of the members of the liberal media were quite anti-war. Perhaps they should interview more of the 9-11 families who lost their loved ones who were slaughtered by criminals. What is the deal here with the International Media? I say we create a diversion outside of Baghdad in another city and alert that we are going to be marching over there, then anyone who hates us can meet us in the Desert and we can wipe them out with left over Napalm, Cluster Bombs and test our ELF energy snapping machines. Put the international media there to watch and let them get real close so they can see what they have done when they incited others to continue the hate. For when the International Media purports the United States as arrogant murderers, what they do not understand is that when you incite young Muslim males with no future with hate, they will join the radicalism factions. Thus they will join suicide Bombing Groups and weak run networks and go and kill more innocent people. And that means innocent people in any country including those who oppose the Iraq War.

The International Media thinks they are paying back America, but if we do not stop these acts and stamp out international terrorism, the rest of the World will also be on the receiving end; especially those who are not of the exact same views and fractional radical religious sects. In other words, other Muslims will die, other Hindus will die, Other Christians will die and more Jews, etc. too. We must understand that the views of these radical groups do not allow for anyone who does not believe exactly as they do. And as things have been going even once they are able to take over areas, they will begin a Machiavellian rule upon their own and fractionalize in tribes again. If the entire world were to switch to Muslim tomorrow, the savages and international terrorism would not stop. Don’t kid yourself. These people are at war permanently and that means until they die. The sooner they meet their Allah the better for everyone. When International Media is inciting these groups and trying to use their pens to get us to forgo our vision for peace they are in fact attempting to plot against us and simultaneously add to their self fulfilling prophesy. As a matter of fact the International News wishes we would quit and give up so that we would look bad and they could say “See we told you so” the only problem with that is that the killing would go on and they would actually be next. Because they, the international media are not in these groups, they are foreigners on assignment and they are very much at risk. By reporting these falsehoods and injecting opinion they are risking their own lives along with our troops. This is not to say that Al Jerzera, should not be leveled by a Nuclear Weapon, because it should. They incite purposely riots.

All riots against America in any country should be immediate targets for smart bombs and ICBM lock on target and don’t miss weapons, with collateral damage guaranteed in advance. In other words from here on out, we announce we will not stand for this and any country who allows demonstrations against our country, leadership can expect incoming weapons of annihilation at any time at our will. If it is filmed on CNN, Al Jezera, World News Canada Satellite, whatever, you can also kiss those reporters good bye. And it will be hereby known in advance of our policy. The easiest way to lead is to lead by FEAR, we tried to be nice and do it the hard way, the just way, the right way, we must not play games. Let the International Media know we hear you, you are making us do this and we are going to blow up demonstrations. So if you film them and help incite others, you too may be Blown to Bits. It is not an angry issue; it is not a negative vengeful thing at all. It is what is needed to get tough. We have to step up the stakes here. Let it be known we demand order now, if not death is what you will have dealt yourself.

Now then as far as this Constitution thing and this committee thing is going, why not put together a Constitution or three and let them pick one. We need another pretend war off to the side and divert the anger out into the open and then we take out all those who hate us all at once. We capture a few and let them go to alert others of the incredible slaughter and death by burning from the Supreme Powerful army. We cannot stop the hate while the world media is feeding back to them and filling their minds with increased hatred. The culture itself is bad enough promoting hate, top that with the media. And now the media in the states, following the Democratic run for the nomination, given credence to bull crap, is making us look indecisive, weak and appear not in control. If our own media is saying it is going to be 85% rain tomorrow, you have to know that the world media is keying off of that and saying 95% rain tomorrow and the Al Jazera is saying 100% rain and that the resistance is winning, when it is not. Thus we have our own people believe that and we will have to either have our own regime change and give way to a Democrat wannabe hopeful who will completely destroy our country with socialist views in every aspect of our American Lives.

For all reasons we are going to have to step up efforts. In light of 9-11 this year, it might be a good time to let everyone know that what happened was not forgotten. Yasser Arafat, will be killed or immediately exiled by the Israelis now. I personally am getting a little tired of pussy footing around. There maybe unfortunately some real bad situations if we do not lead the way to toughness now. No intelligent person would blame us anywhere in the world. If we do not get tough now, you will see an escalation. Right now the people of Iraq have seen the attacks on the UN and the Mosque and they know we are serious. We have the option now to move up the strength. We are at a point to make a point and get tough. Enough on Iraq and the media which is making things worse and putting everyone, including those who will be killed by resisting, our troops, coalition troops, UN personnel and the media themselves. It is imperative for the World to stay the course. The fact is the new Iraqi press is not reporting the same things or as bad as the other International Press, why is that? I cannot believe that the 9 hopefuls on the Democratic side are blasting our progress, and fueling the fire for the resistance so that recruitment is easier for suicide bombers. These are people who are going to die and kill others, for what reason? No reason and they are doing it because there is hope by those who recruit that they can make us leave by doing so. And maybe if the kids who might be recruited get on our side and turn in these people we might make faster progress, if the resistance is in fear, perhaps they might chill out long enough to realize that the sooner we get done fixing the place the faster they can have their liberty, their country and a better life.

Perhaps there is an eloquent way to make everyone understand we mean business and to realize that we will never quit and that things need to change otherwise we have to change and get tough and if we do, we guarantee they are not going to like it. Everyone needs to be on the same page and that includes the media, Iraqi People and the World. Israel is going to get tough and we may as well do it all together now. The World needs to know, we are not a paper tiger, we are not blowing smoke, we are strong, America is strong and we are strong because of the will of our people. Do not test wills with that of America. The are a proud and strong people also, like the Iraqi people, we will stay the course and history will show that we not only did the right thing, but we did the right thing one more time as we have at least 15 times I can name of. Maybe you can name as many as I, think about it. We walk the walk and we are telling the world don’t bet against us, bet for peace with us. And Saddam is gone. If we are to continue our mission for a United and Free World. One problem is many countries cannot afford to help us in Iraq, they do not have the money or are in economic ruin trying to pretend everything is fine, the fact is Germany and France with their deficit spending are pissing off the EU and hurting the Euro and they cannot afford to help with troops or assistance and this is playing a huge factor in their decision, although they are pretending to take the high road. But in reality, even if they wanted to, they cannot afford to anyway, so the point or their arguments are irrelevant as they attempt to save face. They are in the same boat as Gray Davis and CA really. They need to come clean with their own demons. If they are for continued terrorism, which no one is, then their policy is relevant, but we know they are not, so they stall progress telling us we shouldn’t have taken out Saddam? That is stupid. They are open up to terrorism even more than us.

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