Ronald Reagan is Right

Why is it that every single thing government does; it does not do well? Why is it that every single mistake of any real hurt is caused by the government? Why is it that every time government screws up AGAIN, we are told that they will fix the problem? Yah right? When has government ever fixed anything? Ronald Reagan once said the most scary words in the English Language were; “Hi, I’m from the Government; and I am here to help you!” he later said when asked about that quote that he could not recant it and offered advice to anyone who hears it; “RUN” he said.

Let’s face it you do not have to be Ronald Reagan to know when you are being fed a line of malarkey. After 9-11 we were told by many a politician standing so gallantly and majestic at many a podium around our great nation thing like; “I will insure that never again will this happen and I propose and I will send a Bill to Congress to make a law. . .”

Sure, like Al Queda cares about your laws? It is already against the law to borrow someone else’s aircraft and fly it into a building. So what are these morons suppose to make a law for? A law, which gives them more jail time if they do this? Catch a clue they do not care about our laws and do not plan on being alive after it is over. Secondly if they are caught, we will give them a Kuran, which we promise not to kick or flush down a toilet and paint a little line on the ground facing Mecca so they can pray five times a day and get free food, via my tax dollar? Swell, just swell, yah that is going to stop them alright how brilliant of you, so glad I bothered to vote for you to solve all my problems?

Give me a break. Everyone knows government is a huge blob of bureaucracy, which cannot protect the American people, nor gives a rats rear if it does. It only exists to feed itself and growing. How pathetic. Government cannot protect you, your computer, your identity or even itself? It is a sham for us to carry on like this, it is time to downsize government and stop the lie. It is time to cut budgets, cut duties and cut out the fat. The government needs a diet. The government cannot do anything very well, nothing. I will debate this with any intellectual on this planet. Neither political party is worthy of mention; they are both like a bunch of spoiled shoppers who think they won the lottery.

Ronald Reagan was right.

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