Global/Israeli Corruption!

What depth of blind insanity has inflicted itself upon Israel’s politicians, and such as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice?!!??

So, in order to bring about disarray within the ranks of those opposing the Disengagement, a specially trained “Gestapo/KGB type” unit is to be deployed a week before the Withdrawal begins, to totally disarm the “settlers,” and to drag protest leaders from their beds in the middle of the night.. It would appear then, that the authorities have identified who the protest leaders are, where they reside, and the magnitude of their “threat” to the Withdrawal! Obviously, they expect a great deal of resistance!

I hope their prediction is accurate! The resistance must become even more organized, so that everyone knows what they must do, regardless of whether the protest leaders are incarcerated or not! What they fail to comprehend, is that those apprehended will in fact become hero’s, strengthening the resolve and bravery of the anti-withdrawal folk.

But what is worrisome, is the fact that police and military heavy-handed tactics are being proposed at all! Ariel Sharon obviously feels the residents of Gush Katif and the Shomron are now to be considered enemies of Israel, and are to be treated as such! But while he gives orders to incarcerate peaceful Israeli citizens who love the Land, guns are being awarded to the enemy PA, to “encourage them.” Disarm and incarcerate law-abiding, loyal citizens, and arm their enemies!! Did Sharon and his henchmen have an identity swap while they were sleeping one dark night? Have they been switched to become “Palestinians?” Or is it perhaps what they have been eating for breakfast?

How does one win, or avert, a war? Apparently, the strategy is to disarm your own citizens who have indicated by both word and action that they will not resort to violence against their own officials, to make certain they cannot defend themselves, even against true enemies such as hostile terrorist Palestinians, who everyone now agrees may use the Withdrawal proceedings to stage attacks. Terrorize innocent families in the middle of the night. And, at the same time, “encourage” the real enemies by arming them! Now, that’s a novel way to defeat one’s enemies!! After all, enemies need all the “encouragement” they can get!! Right?

Oh yes!! Inform everyone that the PA has become peaceful in intent, because the atrocities have “slowed-down,” even though they have still not taken decisive steps to permanently disarm the terrorists. Even one rocket attack, one bombing attempt, one suicide mission plot, is still an act of terror! Since the so-called cease-fire agreement of Sharm el Sheik, the attacks have continued! Would someone like to please enlighten us as to what constitutes a cease-fire?

Yup!! The Palestinian terrorists have certainly reformed! They have cut back on the number of terror attacks, not stopped them, so we are told, and we are to congratulate them! I guess showering rockets at Israeli communities constitutes a cease-fire. Apparently so does blinding a soldier, etc, etc. Palestinian officials won’t even promise disarmament as long as Jews occupy “any Land in Palestine!” Translation? Disarmament of Jews and terror by Palestinians are legitimate in the opinion of the Palestinians, and their hand-shakes, smiles, and agreements mean they intend to make sure such continues, while hoodwinking Israel and the West! Their strategy is obviously working! They are being funded, and armed, while they continue to terrorize! I guess a cease-fire takes various forms, at least when dealing with the ‘peaceful’ Palestinians!

Has Condoleeza Rice been given blinders to don, and earplugs to wear, while on her current foray through the Middle East? We cannot let her know that on the very day she is conducting peaceful negotiations, terrorists are making a public display of their expertise! The Withdrawal charade must be brought to an abrupt halt! And, Ariel Sharon’s covert buddies have provided the scenario to do so. I trust there is a loud public outcry demanding an investigation into the allegations that the Withdrawal Plan was hatched to divert attention away from the Greek Island Scandal, in order to save Sharon’s skin! Both those for, and those against the Withdrawal, ought to be demanding a formal non-partisan inquiery commission be struck, and all plans put on hold until the truth is made public. Ariel Sharon, and all who may be viewed to have had a part, ought to step down while this investigation takes place, in order to preserve integrity in Israel’s government.

Because, no Israeli, no matter who they are, or where they live, should be used as a pawn in any game of corruption!

Marilynn Dawson on behalf of Maureen Metcalf who is author of “The Final Schedule Revealed: In the Fall Feasts and Festivals”http://teshuvatrumpet.org

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