Birth of a Nation

When you see hooded Klansmen walking up Pennsylvania Avenue to meet their Grand Wizard Woodrow Wilson you are witnessing the true nature of the American people’s participation in a ghastly power play against people even in their own country. How could any woman trust a man who would be so callous towards blacks? The Klansmen were also freely using black women for their pleasure and taking any number of laws into their own hands. We have seen this with the Houses in Texas and we know Edward House is the real power behind President Woodrow Wilson as well as the top agent for the New World Order formation of a one world economy and spy network. That network included the slaving and drug business that Lafitte had managed for the Merovingians before he moved up the ladder and became the founder of Communism. Actually there never was real communism and Stalin and other Russian leaders have always answered to the same Rothschild/Rhodes interests. Boris Yeltsin said they did this to Russia and I know it is the old ‘play both ends against the middle’ game that keeps people like the Klansmen acting out their egos and fears. When Edward House was picking the board for The FED he was selecting the real governors of the world economy.

When Wilson said House was his ‘alter ego’ on many occasions, he was saying more than even he may have known. The fact that House was the seventh son of a seventh son is most relevant to the abuse of soulful sciences that these esoteric cabals have done for many millennia. It is even possible that House had ‘possession’ of Wilson to the extent that Wilson was a mere ‘alter’.

I hope I have provided enough on the spy network being involved in Russia for you to understand why when Russia became democratic nothing actually changed. Well, that’s not entirely true. The gold backing their currency disappeared and the few who had always controlled the assets now owned the assets. It is fitting that Texas is the erstwhile home of George II and that he speaks to God rather than listening to the other leaders of the world in his pre-emptive wars that don’t even require real factual evidence of the things he lies about. Despite the fingering of Prescott and George I that I have done regarding the assassination of JFK, despite the statement that George II doesn’t listen to other world leaders; I do not mean to suggest George II is in fact anything more than a paladin for the international financiers. He simply carried out the plan created by Kissinger Associates in league with his Neo-Con Jewish (Rothschild) cabinet and advisors just as most American Presidents have had to do. Bucky Fuller got it right when he said: “Nothing can be more pathetic than the role that has been played by the President of the United States, whose power is approximately zero. Nevertheless, the news media and most over-thirty-years-of-age U.S.A. citizens carry on as if the president had supreme power.”

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