Dealing with Massive Prisoners of War

In the last Gulf War we saw thousands of enemy soldiers giving up. Killing them is against Geneva Convention and they know it. So the soldiers simply laid down their weapons and said; “I give up, feed me!” Obviously we were snookered by this tactic, but it really came as no great surprise. Rather than taking these prisoners in and putting up the costs to feed them until after a war has ended, why not hibernate them instead. In other words take their bodies down by 90% and hibernate them like a bear. Is this really possible? Yes, with a little bit of funding it surely is possible, as a matter of fact a gentleman by the name of Mark Roth and his associates have successfully put mice into suspended animation using hydrogen sulfide gas in the proper ratios. Normally hydrogen sulfide gas can be a deadly toxic gas but in the right amounts it merely puts mammals to sleep. Perhaps we could simply fire rockets or cluster bomb smart munitions filled with this gas into the advancing enemy, pile up the bodies and put them into a cage and when they finally do wake up, feed them and then put them to sleep again. Of course taking out a few for interrogations.

Imagine the savings to the taxpayers if we did this? No more prisoner abuse scandals, here are the prisoners and they are sleeping in the room, each on slid into an expandable honeycomb slot until further notice. They do not need free books, like Korans and the possibility of being abused is zero, as they are asleep dreaming of 72- free Virgins or whatever?

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