John Kerry as a Prosecutor?

Prosecutors with political ambitions are known to modify the truth or withhold evidence in order to get a conviction. It is so common in fact that the greater the political ambitions the greater the unethical ness of their tenure as a prosecutor. It is for this reason that we must do a background on every case that John Kerry falsified as a prosecutor in order to maintain such a high conviction rate. After all political ambitions for President of the United States are great indeed an there is a significant motivation to cheat? I believe John Kerry kicked his dog and unless he can prove otherwise we ought to make a note of it.

It is not that John Kerry himself is such a bad gentleman, I do not even know him. The problem lies in the fact that almost all District Attorneys and State Attorneys General are somewhat corrupt. Some say they are corrupt because the law makes it tough for them to convict those who are corrupt in the first place. Yet if you think carefully on that logic it holds no water. For instance recently a Federal Agent lied under oath to convict Martha Stewart for supposedly lying while she was not under oath about a crime she did not commit and was not even a crime at all. This of course is one small example in the annals of history, albeit a recent one. John Kerry in his recent bid for President had somewhat misrepresented the facts about his bravery in combat and this leads one to question his service as a prosecutor. After all one of his statements and major comments about his experience as a leader was that he had put away people for the rest of their lives while he was a prosecutor. Well, that is good if in fact they were guilty. My question is; “How many people did he put away for the rest of their lives who were innocent?” in order to further his personal political ambitions. We see many others like Elliot Spitzer filing cases against companies and persons simply to allow for a fishing expedition. We need to ask ourselves is this the type of man you want in office? Is John Kerry really fit to lead. I ask the question and without attack on my character I want the truth about John Kerry, I want this question answered. The reason being I see we that the recent John Roberts nominee for the Supreme Court handed over 38,000 pages of documents from his work under Ronald Reagan. I do not see the same level of transparency with Kerry who is busy collecting monies this week in Seattle for another run at the oval office; the same one he threw his war metals over the fence at. Perhaps a crooked prosecutor is a necessary evil in our quest to curb crime in our civilization. My question is do we necessarily want such evil in the oval office.

Answer the question, dump the rhetoric, we need a national discussion on prosecutors and political ambitions in this country and we need it now.

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