US Government Sore Losers in Not So Neighborly Dispute

I’m getting a little tired of being lectured by that “pin-headed, pencil-necked” whiner David Wilkins, about what Canada should do and not do with respect to the failed softwood lumber talks.

Wilkins, the US Ambassador to Canada, said today that Canadian politicians should stop their ”emotional tirades” and order the country’s trade representatives back to the bargaining table to reach a final settlement. Wilkins went on to say ”Canada needs to come back to the table. We need to close the door, roll up our sleeves and negotiate as need be, with good faith, and bring finality to it,”

That’s all well and good Mr. Wilkins, but it is the US that has shown complete disregard for several World Trade Organization rulings (and others) in Canada’s favour over the years. In my opinion, the latest ruling has brought “finality” to the issue, but the big bully to the south continues to act in “bad faith” by charging illegal tariffs on Canadian exports of lumber to the US.

Of course the US isn’t used to the Canadian government taking a hard line position on anything short of an ill-conceived war. Yup, Uncle Sam is not used to losing, a fact that was all too evident after the US mens hockey team lost at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. (ouch!!)

With all due respect Mr. Wilkins, you should suck it up and admit your softwood lumber policy is misguided, eliminate and repay the tariffs and make peace with your neighbors to the north. Oh, and get used to losing cause come the next winter Olympics, our hockey teams are going to “kick your ass” (again).

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