Victims of Child Support

“Similar to Medieval Inquisitions, judges have been given the authority, in secret proceedings… to investigate, prosecute, and sentence men without any legal counsel”

The Victims

Extorting monies from one group and discriminatingly and disproportionately distributing them to another does not constitute a legitimate solution. In the past,whenever proof has been requested to support their claims of success – they have been unable to comply. At best, they throw us a few bones, token statistics with no confirmation (numbers most definitely can be used to lie).

In my particular case, I look at my innocent young daughter with such remorse for the precarious situation I find both myself and, therefore her, condemned to under current dictate. And of my beautiful wife, I can only apologize for my mistake. The mistake I made was during a brief period of emotional decline between my wife and I. “For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. In a brief relationship, a woman deceived me regarding her fertility ? not a first, I’m sure. And now, the State, with great pride, rewards her deception by taking what my daughter has come to know as “her home” away”. I can only feel contempt for this barbaric tyranny and a need to seek a legal solution. This deceptive woman has chosen to keep the child and, given her past, condemned that child to a life similar to her own. Despite formal and substantiated reports of neglect and abuse, the State sees fit to ignore these reports, condemn the child, and take the path of inaction. It’s as if the State is purposefully breeding its future source of Federal funds, grants, and quota incentives. There are so many qualified adoptive parent/s just waiting for an opportunity to provide this child with a better chance in life.

Money from Child Support has not provided this luxury of status nor will it ever. Our website will include more examples in greater detail of “poor” State judgment.In a recent Seattle Post report, a man was shot to death by police officers at the Federal courthouse in Seattle. Though the man clearly went about fighting his battle the wrong way, his actions are evidence as to the futility men feel. After the incident, a local radio station stated that, “they were amazed at the number of calls from area men who felt they had no voice and how they felt there was nothing they could do”. In the day after his violent death, many non-custodial parents felt his attempts over the past fifteen years for child support reform where heroic. The Commissioner of the aforementioned States Division of Child Support was quoted as “being proud of the strategies and tactics his agency used” and that ultimately provoked this man to such extreme measures. Under existing dictate, no regard in setting support orders is given to a man’s existing debt. Regard is given however to the reality that he will most likely be forced to declare bankruptcy due to the unrealistic financial burden and that he will loose everything. To ensure their take, our greedy politicians, like vultures hovering over a rotting corpse, have ensured, through passage of law, that child support orders will survive bankruptcy. Unbelievable!! No regard is given to the effects on his existing family or his existing children. They don’t care, they don’t even ask!! The horrific result of these judgments is unconscionable. Under any other circumstances, the emotional distress caused would result in financial damage rewards.

And finally, what agency exists to protect my daughter from these vultures dressed in shirt, tie, and/or robe? “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and there is no truth in us.” 1 John 1:8. Laws are of men and clearly can and do change, evident by the current fears expressed by feminist groups regarding the future composition of our Supreme Court. May justice once again prevail.

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