All There is, is dust in the wind; Dust Particulate Traveling The Globe

Dust from Deserts and Particulate Control

The greatest contributor to particulate matter, which effects human health comes from the World’s Deserts. In the Western US we have huge deserts. Dust storms from China’s deserts have traveled around the World. This has affected the world’s weather patterns and contributed to even issues of Global Warming. The Sahara desert does the same. The World’s largest deserts such as the Gobi, Australian Out Back, Sahara, Arabian, etc along with deserts like our little Death Valley Desert or the California – Arizona desert make up 80% of the Atmosphere’s particulate matter which is includes all pollution.


What can we do in our deserts to slow down the particulate matter in our country? In many States, Counties and Large Cities in the US, the EPA counts the particulate matter in the air. Since the biggest contributor is from the desert we need ways to keep the dust down. Humans kick up dust from transportation, we create smoke from careless forest fires and we pollute the air with all sorts of things. Even the US Military fighting for freedom in the World causes particulate matter to enter the air. We cannot stop the wind from blowing, but perhaps we can limit our stirring of the dusty sand in these sensitive regions of the world?

Eliminating Dust from Military Convoys is not a bad idea and in doing so we get many benefits. One probably not thought of when fighting a war for Democracy and Freedom, Human Rights and Fairness to Women is that not only do people die which is pretty much expected but, we pollute the air too. By controlling the dust we can prevent ambushes of our troops while simultaneously preventing pollution. How do you prevent dust from convoys giving away your position to the enemy and sending particulate matter into the air, which your own team will have to breath? Giant dust clouds can be seen for miles and insurgents sitting behind walls or in ditches have plenty of time to prepare and set up for an ambush thus the element of surprise it totally gone.

A friend recently said “There is a company in Mexico that has created a dust mat that he believes collects more dust than any mat in America so he is taking his claim to the Las Vegas trade show next week. The Dust Control Mexico Company sells high technology welcome mats and he’s looking for a distributor. I couldn’t find anything more about this, but this might work as a material to place under military vehicles so as they drove through the desert, less dust would kick up behind them so it would be more difficult to track how long it had been before a convoy passed. There has to be something to distorting timeframes for the enemy so they would believe troops would be farther away than they were–another surprise element.”

Interesting indeed. Okay here is what I would do. First, use a special bottom contoured undercarriage which sends the air flow from under the vehicle and from the tires to one point, combine it with the exhaust and then send it into a venturi situation to get it moist due to coolness and then negatively ion charge it and send it back to the ground while also discharging negative ions onto the road.

Yes, I am sure if we thought about this we could cover the dust from an entire convoy so the enemy never knows you are coming is this you need? We can use this for a SmarTruck III, easy to do. It would take time to make it work and time to prove concept but we could expedite it. The entire convoy might be able to be hidden by having a vehicle in the rear very negatively ion charged, like an ion breeze, (five easy payments of only $49.95 !?!), shaped like a venturi. Collect pollution, dust and leave it there. Enemy never knows you are coming so once you get there you can leave them there on the ground too.

Perhaps a combination of a wet sponge under the vehicle with negatively ion charged water and the contoured undercarriage along with a negatively ion charged ceramic shell with a coating. The charge could be constantly fed into the skin of the vehicles collecting the dust, which would also camouflage the vehicles with the dust, sand or dirt picked up while driving. This means that the vehicles as they transverse new regions of terrain would constantly be changing color from the dirt?

Now then can we apply these innovations to normal off road vehicles who enjoy the sport and recreation of our deserts? Can we do this efficiently? Should we be looking for ways to control the weather and create a light rain, which hardens the desert surface slightly? Can we create rain without putting particulate matter in to the air in the first place? After all we are trying to prevent particulate matter, yet many of the cloud seeding techniques require sprinkling of particulate matter such as silver iodide to get it to rain? When high winds sweep thru the desert the particulate matter makes breathing highly unhealthy. This particulate matter can travel around the world and it has been tracked by satellites where when conditions are right traveled around the globe.

If we can control the wind currents and understand them, perhaps we can steer some of this wind around those dusty deserts?


By controlling the weather we can make sure we get the required precipitation, keep just the proper amount of surface water on our deserts to keep the ground crusty rather than overly sandy, this way when the wind does blow it will not blow away light sand. If we can remove 80% of the particulate matter blowing from our deserts we are home free in the Global Warming category. Shouldn’t we be looking into weather control now? Not only to prevent super flooding, Hurricanes, Typhoons and Droughts, but to control the particulate matter too. If we can do this we will not have to worry about Global Warming at all.

If you have thoughts on ways to reduce 80% of the particulate matter in the air caused from blowing dust from the World’s Deserts or the 13% said to be from volcanic Activity or reduction of man-made emissions and pollutions, The World Think Tank would love to discuss this with you. We are looking for solutions and ideas on how to better control those things can effect climate change.

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