No Child Left Behind needs to go Virtual

The No Child Left Behind can work if the Federal Government will put up content on the website and allow for those who are; Behind in studies, about to miss a grade level advancement, perform poorly on general tests, at home schooling students (when parents have no knowledge in subject matter), are in Juvenile Hall, live in areas very rural, have disorders, or have injuries which prevent attendance or need Summer School catch up work.

By putting up this information on the web in short quick exercises we will be able to insure that these credits or online courses can in fact be counted in all schools. This is a way we can control and insure that no child is left behind but not take control from the local schools. Because then all we will have is local VS Central control and hard feeling will ensue and feelings hurt. Children and teaching must be non-partisan and not be lost in bureaucracy and infighting.

We must move towards a future environment in education and also this helps those who do home schooling too. It takes stress off state budgets too. If the system is built correctly it will be great. Teachers can teach at a good pace without over review. Because this makes smart kids lazy and unchallenged and not wanting to learn. Also those kids who mess around in class can be expected to do the work at home online. Or after hours or during recess in the computer lab room? Can this program be instituted by the federal government, yes. Short term will there be issues? Yes, lots of controversy as anyone who has ever volunteered for teachers assistant, PTA, or served on a board of an educational institution or school board. This will work better and help all.

Websites are not hard to build and once the content is up, it is up for ever. Many online educational resources put up content. It would be nice if the content was standardized and easy chewable programs to match the attention span of a young American. It is essential that this first step is not lost in the shuffle for political will or in the power struggle between parties. And we must not ever put the process ahead of the kids. I urge all leaders to be sure to keep in mind the mission above all, educating our kids for the future of our nation and the betterment of mankind. The Federal Government can assist all children by putting online all necessary programs for kids to know the basics and essentials. Everyone wins. And you know, there are some adults out there too, who might need a freshening up on some of the fundamentals which make our country so great and perhaps even learn how to balance their check books, budget for their family, learn the five food groups and conserve water resources.

This would be a most excellent and inexpensive way to turn the “No Kid Left behind” into a virtual reality learning system for US. Care to comment or send hate mail? The President of the United States is committed to “No Child Left Behind” and we have the political climate right now, to make it happen, all we need is to agree to move the ball forward.

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