For they know not what they do; Federal Regulators destroying business

Federal Regulations on Business Destroy America, these regulations are a tax passed onto the every American. How much does Federal Regulations Cost each year to our society. You are not going to like these figures. It is estimated that Federal Rules and Regulations cost in excess of 788 Billion per year. Our entire federal tax contribution to our government is 829 Billion. Think of it this way every cost to a business is passed on to the consumers and in some respects that is a tax as well. It means you pay extra for nearly everything. Did you know the entire GNP of Canada is only 595 Billion total. Think of this, every time our company sells a franchise or our franchisees wash a car a large part of that price is due to over government regulation. If 788 Billion is the total cost of regulations and many of the things that are required may actually be approved by the public and only half of the regulations are legitimate to “Protect the People” our governments ONLY real job, then 394 Billion dollars is passed onto the consumer as a HIDDEN TAX. Of course there are many names for these taxes we pass on to our consumers and not by desire.

Certainly we businesses would like to offer our customers the best prices. What do I mean when I discuss the different things we call these taxes. Well here are some;

Resolution, Proclamation, rule, law, permit, tariff, sanction, levy, toll, dues, excise, fees, statues, bills, acts, charges, payments, motions, decisions, declarations, orders, fines, bylaws, commandments, decrees, edicts, rulings, directives, guidelines, instructions, parameters, limits, restrictions, ceilings, checks, controls, restraints.

And that is just to name a few I can personally vouch for having to pay while in my small 27 years in business. Think for second that each one of these were created by someone or bureaucrat who never had to make a pay check, create an entrepreneurial company, had to compete in a market, innovate or die. Which agency is the worst? Probably the DOT with over 550 Rules and currently proposing 15 more this year alone already. The Treasury Department has a ton of rules, EPA 449 and they are increasing this year by 10. Department of the Interior only increasing by 8, 6 are relevant. Department of Commerce 390. But let’s look at those others; SEC, FAA, FCC all squandering the time of progress. Killing the entrepreneurial spirit of this country. Our ancestors threw some tea in the water and that was not so many generations ago as I recall, your ancestors may not have come here yet, perhaps they did. But they left where they were to come here for many of the same reasons. Freedom.

When does Freedom cease to exist and enslavement start. It is our government we created and control it and yet we allow our government to make the world sterile, push us into equal-ness with those who do not want to participate, do not believe in what we are or what we have built. Of these rules 159 are considered to be what they call significant in that they cost us over 100 million per year. So in other words the others are okay because they cost less than 100 million. Are you kidding me. Everyone needs to read the May Issue of 2000 American Legion Magazine. We have our tax break thanks to the President Bush and the winning vote by Cheney. But now the regulations are not coming back, they are marching forward and getting tougher and tougher on all businesses at every level.

We need a red magic marker committee to eliminate stupid regulations, which help no one and are nothing more than a tax on society. Our competing foreign neighbor corporations do not have to play by the same rules and do not have the same costs. We are handicapping our own team, why? I cannot imagine anyone on the Earth who cannot understand what I am saying here. Look the problem of tax is being fixed, but tax is only one of the words listed herein. Tell you what; every time a new law is proposed take away five others. That way you can decide if the law or rule you wish to make is worth it. Too many rules; Today is a good day in that some headway has been made for the common good and all good Americans. The TAX Bill is a start. It is a forward momentum; let’s keep this ball moving forward to the goal line. The goal line of course being a peaceful world and a deserved utopia for mankind, it is time our species rose above our limited cranial capacity and delivered our destiny. Let’s get this done now. Keep the Ball moving down the field all the way go team go. Then we hit the afterburners and go all the way. Always remember Federal Regulations on Business Destroy America, it is a tax passed onto the every American. Even you, that’s right you are paying whether you are man or woman enough to admit it or not. I am right and if you disagree you are wrong and unfortunately you need to come to grips with this fact and if you are in any capacity to change it get busy. I wish I were wrong, but if you study history or have even taken any Economic Classes or run a Lemon Aid stand you would know I am correct. Ready to help get this show on the road and fix this problem and taxi onto the runway and get this economy to fly again?

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