Entrepreneur Lashes Out at Linear Thinking Government Regulators

I am personally calling for a total disbanding of the regulatory agencies as we know it immediately. This needs to be done from the inside out. We need an immediate cut of 1/3 of all regulatory personal. They need to be fired without any benefits. Those who have enough brains to understand my comments should immediately quit the agencies because they are destroying America from the inside out, like a plague, a cancer, disease, SARS or AIDS. By quitting their positions they can show America they are with us, and leave the International Terroristic Regulatory Agencies out to destroy us for their own personal fame and gain. It appears to be runaway abuse of power in a Virtual Reality Blue Goo Blob which has a mind of its own and could care less about those it is suppose to serve, us, the ones who created it and for the most part are suppose to own it. The regulatory agencies have obviously run out of targets and are attacking and over regulating good companies. I am also calling for a fight in the courts and that every company fight the agencies on every single issue brought forth and to hang tough spend the money and draw swords to fight these evil monsters back to the gates of Hell. (colorful comment? But has some truth to it, cannot fight with soft spoken words any longer, nor would such soft words do justice).

There is an article coming out in next months’ Economist showing the US in a very bad light with regards to these issues. Usually the bad mouthing is simply a pot shot in the European Magazines, this time it is justified. With a weak dollar our US based companies have a chance to gain market share, yet with all the regulations in place we are being held back to the corporations of Europe. We are using some 8,000 plus lawyers in Washington in conjunction with some 12,000 lawyers working for the various 50 State Attorney Generals to gang up on businesses at a time when we should be working together for a seamless market place and for what is best for this country. Yesterday in the Financial Times we read that there is a backlash coming as the Corporations unjustly persecuted and harassed are rising up. Corporate America has had enough. They are going to play silent and deadly and absolutely push back these; inane, arrogant, leaps of faith, we know you are guilty prove you are not, confrontational, witch hunting, underhanded, vindictive, brain dead, moronic scum (That last one was interesting indeed, opinion only-simply my freedom of speech in ones and zeros). And it is not just Mr. Cutler, it is the entire attitude there at all the regulatory agencies. How dare they call American Businesses Corrupt, look in the mirror. The tide is turning, it is going to be a blood bath and anyone supporting these agencies is going to have mud on their face and a destroyed political career, which is exactly what they will deserve. Justice has been served; Corporate America was put on notice, many things have changed. The job is done, Corporate America is 200% more honest than the rest of the World and we are being forced down in a time of Chaos when opportunity abounds with the weak dollar and the rising stock market.

A time when fortunes are made and percentage gains are impressive. A time when jobs will be created in the near future by the private sector and a time of prosperity and an economic growth for all our countrymen. We cannot allow these agencies and government lawyers to attack all we are and all we have built in this country. Why are we doing this to ourselves? If we do not do something the courts will and when that happens we are sure going to look stupid in the eyes of the World as we miss an opportunity due over self confidence and mislead energy of the SEC and other regulatory agencies. If everyone in these agencies wants to be the next Elliot Spitzer, move to NY, NJ or CT and try your luck in; ‘the eat you for lunch’, game of the Big Apple, cut-throat, dishonest world of politics and government corruption and they call the corporations of America corrupt, says who? It is utterly ridiculous for the people to turn a blind eye on government corruption and allow those who abuse governmental powers to shift the medias focus to the most noble entrepreneurs of this present period. We need a complete over haul of the regulatory bodies yesterday.

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