3D Tactical Image Projection Enhanced Decoy System

I propose a special Projection Device code-named: “TIPED”. This system will be mounted on a small robotic device, which is either parachuted into the battlespace or pre-planted before the battle. This device will project a hologram or a straight projection onto a surface such as a canyon wall or rock. This holographic projection will be used to create and oasis type picture to fool our enemies who hide in caves and plot against us

When chasing down an enemy the device will project an opening or a cave onto the rock and the enemy will naturally go towards it to seek shelter only to find out as he is extremely close that the cave is only an image of a cave on the canyon wall. Thus there is no escape and he is surrounded. One excellent place for this would be the border area between Mexico and Arizona US Border.

When fighting in the desert an Oasis could be projected or a picture of Allah to draw your enemy closer. Near the water you might project a high-speed boat onto a piece of plywood. Let your imagination decide what to project to confuse the enemy and help your chances to catch them.

We need to take the leading edge technology to the enemy at the time and place of our choosing. Lets choose now and the nearest cave they are hiding near?

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