National Security; College Campuses

I have witnessed a new era of security in the US. It is by far more prevalent than ever before. All dutied personnel and former officers of law enforcement are on alert. This is good. However we should not blow our wad too fast here. Remember International Terrorist acts are a waiting game. They learn the defenses and then figure out the system and then attack like an insider. There are holes closing fast on their efforts. But with each new leak fixed in the dam, there are new areas of vulnerability. Even if the areas in question are less of a problem then previously. For instance a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

We have an easy system in our universities for recruitment and the brain washing techniques are easily used on growing and expanding minds. Those who have not experienced the world, real world from a proper perspective are easily recruited for all kinds of stuff. Military service, corporate headhunters, political groups, religious organizations, social causes and even International Terrorism. Some of this is good. Corporations need people with intelligence to run American business and they contribute dollars, advise of curriculum and a reason to attend college in the first place.

Higher educations no matter how one feels about it is part of the American Dream, part of the perception of what opportunities really exist in our great country. If you will read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “The Millionaire Next Door,” “The Millionaire Mind,” “Die Broke.” All have there different takes on this factor of college. Also if you would read “Rocking The Ages” you will see some interesting views coming from our different generations on this point. Either way after studying all these books and making some observations of their ideas and what brought the authors to their various thought processes, I would have to conclude this institution of higher learning will be around for a while and as these students of different subjects all come to one place it is a great way for them to learn new ideas. Unfortunately it is also a great place to recruit for good and evil. Religious organizations often recruit from these areas, many times it is a fad in ones life which allows them to be easily turned. There are many techniques for doing this. Some are the obvious ones, and others are quite diabolical in nature. Unfortunately they are so common that both good and evil both use it for recruitment.

Are we watching the brain washing going on in our colleges, are we watching for those who might use this venue for recruitment? We need to be thinking here.

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