How Can We Elect Good Leaders?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Men desire power. Give power to those men who have the greatest apparent altruism by nature, experience and by example. Give these beings the ability to attain those innate needs, while simultaneously helping the whole. Mankind will be fulfilled and work itself to the common good with forward progress. Other men will follow who are similar and rise up. Give those with the greatest testosterone and the killer genes something to do to use those innate needs fulfillment; things like sports, business, war, etc.

Eventually you can do away with war and have contests of skill and mental capacity. End eventually you can modify the human genome to not be set up in such a way that is adverse such negative behavior causes detriment of self and cause issues for the whole. We are living in the best society ever created with most of those innate needs satisfied. Surely it can be done better. But greed is not a bad thing, it has done well for the advancement of civilization. Politics are a new invention of about 200,000 years, which stem out of social interaction rather than pure strength to determine leadership. This may not have been the most perfect evolution of human kind, although it appears to be the one, which allowed us enough cooperation to get this far.

The advancement of society has now moved faster than the changes of adaptation in our genetic code and the nurturing and socialization of current civilizations is at odds with the other. Having listened to the JW’s and read ‘Awana Magazine’ conveniently littered at my house by a doorbell ditcher and having listened to the World leaders crying “Major Crisis” and “doom and gloom” all my life. I.E.

The Nuclear Holocaust;

Planet Alignment;


International Terrorists;

Global Warming;

Meteor Strikes;

Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction;

Armageddon (Yah Sure?).

It is human nature to fear. And since this is so; leaders most often use fear to control. It must be much to their dismay however that many members of the species like myself enjoy the fear as it helps them in their motivation for action. It puts stress on them to do better since they work better under fear, which is most likely a genetic thing in that group of people. Fear sets up a defense mechanism and in many cases causes action. A skillful politician or leader uses this innate human characteristic to control and stay in power. Think about it. FEAR !

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