Predator or Prey; Hunter or the Hunted; Teacher or the Pupil; Winning or Losing?

This is a thought on the study of Home and Away Games, The Best Team Always Has the Advantage. Predators and Prey; The Hunters and The Hunted. Recently Rumsfeld asked his brightest commanders to come up with strategies to combat Islamic Extremists Terrorists. Here is an idea. Set up a couple of Humvees, which would drive at normal speed a head of a van, which had interior 1″ steel walls. Drive the Humvees in front and use remote control to draw fire. Put mannequins in the Humvees. And a Big America flag to piss them off. The van will have SWAT Team Special Forces. When the humvees are shot at stop them and the van unloads and surrounds the area from the rear and special forces shoot each one between the eyes, cut off the heads stick them on the posts out front of the houses where they were found and just get back into the van and drive around again.

Hunt the terrorists like the prey that they are. Turn the tables. The hunters become the hunted. The hit and run games of the past turn into a simple way to draw fire as a marker of you’re immediate and next target. At night sneak around in fatigues with special teams. Gore-ill the Gorillas. Use UAV helicopters to get in close a spook them. Use ELF to put them to sleep. Use RF to make them piss. Pull out all the stops to kill them. The triangle is not our Devils Triangle it is their place to meet Allah. Let them come to the triangle in large numbers from throughout the region and slice and dice. To fight this war we need to be the hunters. Play to win, get serious and let the boys have some fun, they have been practicing urban warfare for months on end, they are ready to rock and roll, the weather is going to get more livable, so after Ramadan and Christmas let’s load the place up with the toughest son’s of bitches in this country. The tough guys, Special Forces, the guys who know who they are and who know how to win. Hunt them down one by one. Mercilessly. They want to fight, show them hell on Earth. Cut throats, cut off their penis, shove it in their mouth and decapitate. I bet things change real fast. They want to fight and live in the year 3000 BC, show them what they are missing.

This hit and run sissy stuff cannot be tolerated. If you want to win a war you have to take the will of your enemy out of the group. Let’s do it. We need several hundred such plays as the one described above to deploy, like a football team, mixing up the plays, different each day, different special teams, different methods all with one idea in mind, the goal line. I am sorry if some people reading this think it is too extreme, I believe weak people succumbing to political correctness while our guys get picked off and lawyers determine targets is just dumb. I suppose the enemy is lucky that I am not in charge. There would be hovering apache helicopters over the horizon, just waiting lines up and armed to the hilt and we would be running these plays and hunting like big cats in the night, all night, every night, every holiday, every second, day and night, no rest for the enemy, until every last one is slaughtered. No mercy, no prisoners, no bull sh_t. Of course the Democratic Presidential hopefuls would be so disappointed in me. But let’s get real here. The war is over, these people just don’t get it. Jihad? G-Wizz? It might be time to start sending some of these heads back to the countries where they are coming from. Cruel and Unusual?

We should never fight evil with our hands tied behind our backs. This hide and seek, hit and run, drive and crash needs to turn into pray and pay, lead and be-head from the air and land. Get tough and win. This rhetoric of oh no what do we do now on TV is ridiculous. Either we have the balls, brains and Braun or the liberal anti-American guest stars on the nightly news are right. Which is it? A fighter pilot has rules, in war they are different. “Never give a sucker an even break, take the advantage and cheat.” So far this is what they are doing. Yet those are our rules of engagement and conflict. We are letting them run our plays and sitting around wondering what we should do? The political correctness has gotten out of hand and into the battle area. How can this be? How can we have done this to ourselves? Shoot back, hunt them down, and attack. We have all the advantages, use them. Just a thought, a single perspective and observation. What do you think?

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