Emerging Markets, Property Law

I read an interesting article in foreign Affairs magazine last year, and recently in the Economist also. The articles stated in some way that a country without a set of laws for property rights would mean slow-growth, lack of foreign investment and economic vitality would be scarce. While I tend to agree with this premise to some degree, I think you might enjoy a second opinion. Let me tell you where I differ, first off, a mobile business franchise is a safe investment even if property rights are not yet established. It can service the connected elite. This is great. By promoting free market system and selling of wares in the street and mobile businesses a countries early beginnings are possible of establishing a small economic base. I know this is feasible from first hand knowledge.

So what does this mean; it means a company like I own; The Car Wash Guys; should be first in, last out. Yes, that term was stolen from an accepted accounting principle for measuring inventory. Just a thought for all you who question the revival of Amsterdam Academic Economic Models in emerging markets and see the first step as one which should bind the country in premature laws which might be culturally incorrect for nations of 1000 years of no property laws at all.

This idea of small mobile type businesses, open market displays of wares and food on carts or mobile services make sense as the first step. Think of countries today on the African Continent and elsewhere in which the land is owned by an invisible God of their cultural choosing which has been known to them for thousands of years? Think past the norms of immediate laws and work towards the exchange of trade and stability in confidence of the people who live in the cities, towns and villages, before we thrust our laws and lawyers on those folks. No sense in over regulating or over-lawyering an emerging market with a layer of bureaucracy when you are trying to accelerate the entrepreneurism and free market fundamentals. First things first; think about it.

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