Bird Flu may kill you and your family

We have heard a lot about the coming bird flu pandemic which will be here soon. The Chinese are frantically looking for a cure. It has jumped from birds to pigs and can be transferred to the human respiratory system and kill humans as it jumps species and changes itself as viruses often do. Bird Flu is real, no one made it up to scare you. It has and will continue to kill humans, maybe even you and your entire family. I just read a horrible book, not horrible in the sense of poorly written, but horrible in the information that I would rather not find out. I recommend this book to you if you care about your family;

“Level 4, Virus Hunters of the CDC-updated edition” By Joseph B. McCormick, MD. and Susan Fisher-Hoch, MD.

In this book it talks about some of the hygiene disasters in Africa that are causing the unnecessary spread of Diseases. Is man really required to find vaccines to foreign diseases? Or should we be a little smarter in the use of needles in medical centers so they do not spread them as we give them vaccines and treatments? Should we allow workers in the mines to sleep with 20 people in a room on one shift, all those people go to work and 20 more people from the last shift to come in and sleep where they were. Should the village people sleep with their livestock? Should the sewer systems be a hole in the house with a shallow canal running down the middle of the street leading down hill to a larger canal to the river for removal from the home when the temperature is 120 degrees? Isn’t this not a problem? With these and many other things explained in the book shown.

There are so many people with so few resources that this does not make sense. Giving vaccines and pills to people and then using the same needle without cleaning it on 100-1000 people is suicide, you go in for a shot for the common cold and come out with AIDS or Hepatitis C. Sure these do not kill you right away, they take 7 years with AIDS and 20 years with the other, but imagine as you get sick again you go back and they use a needle on you at the beginning of the day and 100 other people use the same needle. Are we not spreading the same over again? And a more advanced form or even mutated form of AIDS?

I have a problems with all of this, what is needed is a clean up of the living conditions, revitalization of infrastructure, better vitamins, limiting birth rates and removal of religious norms and re-education other wise they will keep reproducing into oblivion until we have to quarantine the continent and let everyone die. Otherwise they will bring all this to our country and we here are not perfect either, the diseases although may have a tough time, can permeate our populations as well. We are not being smart about these things. We pay doctors to give shots, you go into the clinic and you expect a shot to solve your problems, they give you a shot for your problem, but on the needle is AIDS, are we really helping anyone. Ebola would of course kill you fast, but AIDS takes two years to show up. Scary book.

We should be limiting the population growth that appears to have no real reason except religious connotations of the worth of a man. Anyway, how can so many caring people, volunteers and mercenaries and so many billions of dollars be spent in such a destructive way? How can so many people who mean well inadvertently be killing everyone? Whose team are they on? We need some real world solutions not a bunch of PhDs calling the shots-Literally. They are killing the world spreading diseases and those will come to the US, the viruses will adapt to the medicine and then come to the US, everyone could die who does not have any money to pay for the super inoculation that will be needed then. And surely it will have side effects, everything effects something else, this is not a linear game. Read the book if you have something to say about foreign aid and real solutions and then think on it.

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