Council of Six

The head of the Club of Rome has said that the major issue that prevents World Peace is the matter of terminology or differences in what people mean across different cultures. I have no illusions about having devised a fool proof proposal here – but it would be nice if the dialogue existed and not until it does exist will there be much hope for real change.

1. Love should be the guiding force in all actions. Any act that diminishes one life diminishes all life and the decisions of man must respect all life, though the greater good may sometimes lessen the potential of other life (e.g. when we eat) it should always be in view of a greater harmonizing growth of God (the ‘forces of nature’, Allah etc.). This principle shall be known as ecumenicism.

2. Laws shall exist for everyone equally. Nations will not have double-standards of prejudicial content against women, for themself against other nations, or for any possible patronage or preference. Criminals will not be able to hide in sovereign nations to avoid the World Court’s laws.

3. In recognition of the immortality of the soul and the harmonizing purpose that all life shares in; there shall be a principle that might be known as ecology. The human life that sustains itself by using nature will not act to destroy nature so that it will be unable to sustain the future of all life to a high quality. To this end sovereign rights will be limited and new technology will be regulated. The polluting effect of converting nature to the needs of man will not be downloaded on other people or future generations thereof.

4. Honesty and transparency of organizational behavior will be paramount. Secrecy and empire-building will be altered through citizen oversight and sunshine laws that seek to rationalize the most productive and fair application of goals and use of resources.

5. Corrective action to remediate the existing inequities will be a short term necessity. Immigration, pollution, ethnic and religious prejudices including the ‘War on Women’ will have to be addressed.



1) End all standing armies – forwarded by Albert Einstein, seconded by Mahatma Gandhi and Annie Besant

Description – General:

A phased in centralization of the present loose U.N. and NATO objectives for co-ordinated action will be easy to garner over 100 nations support. The small and often ill-equipped nations will love to have the protection but will they abide by the principles that must be agreed to and then implemented according to verifiable and transparent means. The long term objective of total disarmament of all nations and an International Police Force will require incentives and sanctions. Action Plan: i) The leaders of the G-7 nations will adopt the policy of the World Council on Peace and Love (Shalom), within two years of the formation of this austere group and their advisory councils or Elders. ii) Create a training academy for police people called the Bertrand Russell Peace Academy. It will report to the enforcement arm of the World Court in The Hague, which might retain the name but not the methods of Interpol. iii) Utilize cost savings in every country according to the principles and give first priority to the restitution of those disenfranchised through past practices (e.g. women and natives). A small percentage of cost savings will be allowed to go to reduce taxes if educational goals are properly funded. iv) G-7 countries will retain overall military budget including spy agency effort costs. These funds will be given to the International Police Agency that they will sit on the Board of Accountability of. Citizen oversight will include Amnesty International and other agents shown to be in concert with the principles. They may be encouraged; to amalgamate their efforts and costs. This funding from G-7 countries who will disband all personal activities that empower themselves or lead to industrial or other espionage, will continue until the Council determines a reduction is warranted. v) Upon the recommendation of Councilor the Police (and World Court) trade sanctions will be rigorously imposed. Incentives and technological exchanges will cease and those who break the laws will pay for any costs associated with their apprehension to the full extent of their ability to pay, and of any that were in concert with their acts. vi) Educational targeting of the population of said countries will be upgraded to include information on how their leaders are engaged in any nefarious acts against the good of their citizens. vii) Intervention by forceful means will start (if warranted) through the use of laser weapons in space targeted at the leaders and their resources. Computer and other Info Warfare will include seizing bank accounts and creating havoc among the rich and elite of said country. Exceptions to this rule will be made if these rich people have proven their continuing value and commitment to the PRINCIPLES in the eyes of Interpol or the World Court.

2) Earth Ownership of Space Colonies – forwarded by John F. Kennedy and Francis Bacon

Description – General:

The existing space agency with twenty countries that is headquartered in Geneva will become the first Co-ordinated Government FOR all people on Earth. The assets and profits less liabilities will be owned by the citizens and inhabitants of Earth. The Alaskan oil revenues might provide an example for how this will be done. The Gene Roddenberry Institute will be created to examine the creation of Prime Directives and enabling laws for utopian organizational structure and government in space. The populous nations of the world will have to institute more humane and realistic controls on growth of the populace, but this will enable their citizens (like in Rome) to become major purchasers of goods, and consumers will abound for the corporate community. It will take a century before the cash reaches the hands of the average person from the date of re-organization. No hypothecation in advance of first receipts will be legal. Most people receiving gene-therapy will be living twice as long as presently, this will also lead to evaluating population and procreation rights issues. Some kind of entrepreneurial incentive plan without long term owning of land will be utilized. It might be a management results oriented idea such as corporate bonuses in major corporations, with public funding administered by educational organizations such as research institutes or think tanks that are now working. There will be a great deal of job creation on earth as the assets that are now expended in bombs and weapons that provide further reduction in assets (when they blow up their targets) are applied to efforts that increase and multiply with the creation of new resources and colonies. The Mars terraforming project that could be paid for out of existing NASA expenditures is estimated to cost $5 Billion a year for twenty years before man can walk on the surface without a space suit. It will take 150 years before the flora, fauna and atmosphere are quite like Earth. Contemplative Initiatives: i) Ethical issues must be fully contemplated before programs are ramped out. For example the von Neumann probes might upset the natural evolution of sentient beings on other planets as they take genetic material to these planets. My input (for what it is worth) is that we are entitled to do this on any planet that we have reason to believe has not developed a creature more complex than ocean life was before animals. Beyond that there may be other situations that we need to make sure the life on the planet isn’t as soulful as it will be after we alter its whole evolution and creation process. ii) Funding of the space programs seems to be proceeding with a lot of magnanimous input from countries like the U.S.; and international ownership of the moon and even Antarctica show the necessary ethics are being proposed. However, I can imagine there might be corporate back room deals that we aren’t aware of. It should be clearly projected and known by any who wish to inform themselves. What are the long term plans for space? Sale of bonds bearing interest might accelerate the program to colonize the third planet in the Alpha Centauri system. It will take 15 years to get there and a few years to build the space ships.


Proposed Founding Members and The Process of Selection:

General: Jimmy Carter may be too old unless the telomeres are revitalizable to generate a reversal of the aging process soon. He would be a good person to assist in the selection and constitution of the people who would lead the first council and might remain as an advisory panel participant. Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Remembering Your Spirit’ segment is in line with the educational approaches to ecumenicism and could be expanded on the world wide web and used as a model for people to continue their education in night classes and parenting for ‘Positive Value Systems’ such as the logotherapy approaches and co-operative learning being developed by such universities as the Wisconsin School of Psychology. She would be a good candidate for the first Council membership which would be only six in number. Six is a good decision making group and it would be comprised of three women and three men. An argument could be made for more women on the first Council. Oprah is well known and knows business and the media world that will be so important to the initial diplomatic and formative efforts of galvanizing public awareness and hope for a real change. Craig Ventner is the firebrand entrepreneurial scientist who made his mark in development of the human genome map. His scientific approach to making things happen rather than conventional ‘reductivist’ paradigms would empower the group to be more creative and proactive. There are others who would fill this bill, such as Ray Kurzweil or Fritjof Capra. The term of the initial Council might be ten years and expanded to more as the life prolonging technologies are in use. It would therefore be important for the team to enjoy each other and find the right mix of styles and approaches. Marianne Williamson is part of a group of ‘New Age’ philosophers and philanthropists who have a similar ideal to what is being proposed herein. It is new and has no politically oriented goals at present but these social salons of aware people are a great idea. This group includes Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer, who are both excellent candidates for the advisory panels. They are all eloquent spokespeople whose influence and audience will support this idea. Marianne has a nurturing diplomatic approach that might be right for this Council. Gloria Steinem is well known and politically aware. She might be willing to become involved as a personal assistant to an Islamic woman or the model leading the genital disfigurement action group. It is good to have as many ethnic backgrounds in this high profile position as possible in order to generate public enthusiasm and act as ‘role models’ for people throughout the world. A Chinese woman would also be necessary to be involved, though they (the leaders of the country) will be the hardest group to convince that free access to information will generate more for everybody. These leaders may be able to see the merit of near immortal physical life and nanotechnological advances that they won’t be able to get if they aren’t a part of ‘The Brotherhood of Man’. In truth they are probably stealing or as aware of these technologies already and it may take a long time (perhaps until space is being able to produce results) for them to get on board. The use of information and even mind control devices to reach the people of China and get them to replace their leadership might be required. China has biological and other weapons to wipe out life on earth as of now! Thus this area of conflict would have to be approached with care. Bill Joy has shown courage and ‘openness’ as well as having the background in technology that would enhance this team so that they might not need so many experts to assist them in decision-making. I personally would not mind Bill Clinton being on this team, but I recognize he has some P.R. problems that would come with him. The legal and political savvy as well as the ability to reduce things to simple and communicative words is what he would bring to the enterprise. He might have a role as a panel chief on Re-Structuring the Law and authority of the World Court.



The auspices of this organization will be to influence public opinion and their expenses would be paid for by grants and donations. They will set an example of volunteerism that will motivate and duplicate throughout all strata of humanity. Their message and ideas will be taken directly to the people with full transparency. Their diplomatic clout with nations will be all the more immense as a result. With the initial efforts in the formative stages it will require vision and some behind the scenes planning. They will try to generate as much momentum and model programs as possible in order to sustain hope and not become another failed utopian event like the ‘Gracchi’ or the Oneida colony. They will encourage the awareness of great leaders of the past who shared these ideals, in all cultures whether it be Asoka or Akbar the Great. The U.S. was founded as an experiment of the age of Enlightenment by the Masons/ Rosicrucians. I believe they alone could make this initial momentum become real. There are foundations of a charitable nature such as the $17 Billion in Bill Gates’ fund that would ensure credibility. Some of those involved with Marianne Williamson’s social salons are well situated financially as well. Any politician who stood in the way of HOPE for all mankind might have a far shorter career than he/she had hoped for. A Further detail and illustration: EMPOWERMENT OF THE WORLD COURT — Forwarded by Pierre Trudeau and the Dalai Lama

Description – General: Concurrent with Interpol this organization will have expanded power over trade (G.A.T.T.) and the establishment of new laws to replace those which nations currently institute wherein double-standards and prejudices are maintained and fostered, as already contemplated in previous remarks. The false memory lie detection technology will be enabled and made use of to reduce incarceration of innocents and the costs associated with current jurisprudences and so-called justice systems. The Panel that will work on effective new approaches and models will be sensitive to the sociological upset that a new approach might cause and thus will use a phased-in gradual alteration of existing systems. A Brehon Law College will be created to re-train existing jurists and improve the use of technology. In France there is a long history of guilty until proven innocent for example. The different approaches and sociological realities must be considered rather than draconian insistence on immediate adherence. If and when all nations in the U.N. are adherents to the Principles or being phased-in to them – then and only then, the U.N. will be able to take a greater role as the Council and their advisory panels or the leaders of nations agree. The authority of the Council might be increased, if they agree, by the leaders of the nations. The World Court will be one of the key diplomatic initiatives of the Council as it begins to influence change. The threat of run-away technological dangers like airborne nanotechnologically enhanced pollen and biologics and the errors Bill Joy says might occur will scare a lot of people into seeing a need to expand the World Court’s power. I think S.A.L.T. and other weapons such as the Non-lethal EMF or ‘mind-control’ devices might come under a special agency of this Court as well. Perhaps a referendum that each person of the adhering nations gets an equal vote in would be taken before empowering the aggressive implementation of the first sanctions or acts against non-adherents. Peaceful means such as informing the citizens over a period of years (World Wide Web, etc.) would be explored and given a chance, first. Even after the referendum there should be a period of delay before action is taken, this might be two years. The ability of the World Court to continue major offensive action will not require further referendums once they have started doing it. However, periodic re-assessments and citizen oversight might lead to periodic referendums. The thought being that Peace and Good Examples are better ethics than ‘might is right’. If a sovereign nation protects a world class criminal Interpol might still be able to take targeted intrusive action. This would be something that the Council and its’ oversight might be involved in.

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