Government Regulation Helps People

Well the title is absolute Bull Crap, but this article is correct. Government regulation kills people. It destroys free enterprise. It causes people to have to work harder and get less. It inhibits competition and therefore raises prices. It prevents consumer choice. It stifles innovation. It causes a minutia piling effect and requires more justification of further laws to define the ones already written. Government regulations are like a drug once they take the first puff or shoot up, it is all over.

Government regulations increase the number of jobs in government and decrease the number of jobs in the private sector. Government regulation punishes the best companies and lowers standards for industries. Government regulation increases prices and causes inflation. Government regulation decreases health care benefits and increases costs. Government regulations cause wars that kill people, by escalating trade wars to help weakened companies and dying industries which refuse to adapt or innovate to changing markets. Government regulations are used by competitors to attack other businesses in the market place when they cannot compete because they have inferior products. Government regulations are a stepping-stone for government workers who lack the skills or brains to make it in the real world; allowing them to work in industry later to fight the future onerous over regulation. Government regulations have crippled the United States in world markets. Government regulations and regulatory body growth have raised the deficit. Government regulations are linear in thinking and cause more harm than good. Government regulations help insiders and hurt innovators. Government regulations have created a new paradigm where humans enjoy the right to be irresponsible. Government regulations will eventually destroy the United States and then the world.

Therefore Government regulations are pure evil and the only possible purpose of them would be to slow the forward progress of mankind. Why on Earth else would a civilization put up with such bull crap? Think about it.

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