The United States Government Owes Arthur Anderson 16 Billion Dollars

Since the court case was over turned against Arthur Anderson in the Enron scandal, the United States Government owes Arthur Anderson sixteen billion dollars. This money should be taken out of the Justice Departments fund for pensions for all the government workers and paid to the damaged Arthur Anderson partners. The business community is waiting for a response to see if the Justice Department and the United States government will walk the talk and pay for these damages and do the right thing.

It is a complete travesty that the United States government refuses to own up to its abuses which it knew or should have known was against the laws that they created thru their unending over regulation of the private sector. What we have here is a complete disregard for the free enterprise system and a selective prosecution approach riding on the political whim of the moment steered by mass media incited hysteria and poles. Those prosecutors and investigators who are utopia-ists are destroying any chance of getting there. We seem to have a complete disregard at the Justice Department for law and an utterly and complete level of incompetence with regulations and opinions of such regulations, which have absolutely no bearing on the reality of the law.

How can we trust an agency, which disrespects the laws they create? How can the business community trust the government not to steal the hard earned brand name of companies in a blink of an eye under the whims of speculative interpretations of law? Houston we have a problem alright but it ain’t the business community, it is the over regulation and selective prosecution of government regulators who lack the cranial capacity to serve the people.

When is the United States Government going to pay the former partners of Arthur Anderson the sixteen billion dollars they owe? When can they expect that check? And when the United States Government cuts the check; why should we the tax payer bear the burden? It needs to come out of the pensions of all those in government forthwith. The government workers who lack integrity or respect for the law should pay the price, just like those 28,000 partners at Arthur Anderson already paid for a crime that was never committed? Think about it, the time for change is now; the train is leaving the station and we need to know whose side the government is really on?

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