Prison Abuses on Good Muslims

Well we have certainly been reading a lot about prison abuses. Many of us in the Western World are completely outraged at the media leak of the photos at Abu-ghareeb. It is a horrible travesty that those photos were shown on the Internet and TV where prisoners were involved in sexual activities with their Arab Brothers in compromising homosexual and adultery affair activity. What a complete low point in their lives to be publicly humiliated for their activities in the prison. We should not exploit their willful and lustful sexual advances on our female prison guards or their own Arab brother prisoners. How could these prisoners betray their Allah and their family names in such disgrace? We should not tell the world of their misdeeds in those prisons. What happens in prison stays in prison. If those prisoners have gay, homosexual, extra marital affairs we should not be taking pictures for any other reason than to psychoanalyze their current or rapidly deteriorating mental health status.

I condemn the leaking of those photos of the sick activities that those prisoner involved themselves in as they were not man enough or have the manhood to “just say no” to their sexual homosexual urges. Likewise I condemn the miss-use or any use of the Korans at Guantanamo Bay Facility, those literary works should not be allowed in the prisons as they obviously get in the way and they are such an issue for controversy. I therefore request all Korans be destroyed or put into the military sewer to prevent them from being used as tools for secret communication once removed. They are just too controversial and they are the subject of too many problems.

Any detainee who wishes to commit suicide should be allowed to do so as 34 inmates at Guantanamo have already tried. I recommend a mass suicide for any who wish to volunteer via C-130 Aircraft Rear Cargo Door. This saves the world from problems and saves the taxpayers money as well. Let’s get real folks, they are cutting off the heads of those they capture and now they complain about a book of the month club privilege? Take it away, cut up that library card today. Please get this crap off my TV set, I am tired of listening to complaints from those who want me and my family killed. Think about you infidel? They want you dead too.

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