Elliot Spitzer for NY Governor

I believe it would be good for the economy for Elliot Spitzer to be the governor of New York. It would be the best thing that ever happened to the economic well being of our nation. Not because he would make a great governor; in fact I believe he would suck. But since I do not live in New York I am not concerned.

New York let him into power and they should bare the brunt and pay the price for doing so. Just because NY cannot take care of their own renegades does not mean it should affect the rest of the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind.

We need to get him out of the attorney general office, as he is attacking too many companies that have done nothing wrong. He has threatened to kill people by driving stakes thru their hearts and now he wants to be the governor of New York? Hey if that’s what it takes to get him from acting like and International Terrorist give him the job. It is either that or the Mob will need to be hired to get rid of him to save our nation?

We are hunting down Osama Bin Laden, who thru his attacks took a bite out of our economy. OBL is being hunted with Special Forces, Bunker Busters and smart munitions, yet we allow Elliot Spitzer to ransack industry after industry for the sake of personal aggrandizement. The man who would be king, he acts like he is straight out of Machiavelli.

He is running for governor of New York and then for President of United States. But Elliot Spitzer has already proven he is several times than President Nixon ever dreamed of being; breaking and entering is nothing for this guy, he uses subpoenas for pure fishing expeditions like we are seeing now in the AIG personal vendetta case against Hank Greenberg. He doesn’t even know what he looking for but wants to rummage thru all the files because he is sure he might find something wrong somewhere if he looks long enough?

If not he can always make something up or call another agency for assistance; perhaps the FBI, IRS or the new guy at the SEC, who will want to get into the game right away and not be left out like Donaldson. Maybe he should call Felt (deep throat) for some pointers with media relations so he can swing the jury by pure bombardment of the media of purported guilt.

Elliot Spitzer has done more to destroy investor confidence than our little cave dweller ever dreamed of; OBL has competition now and it ain’t Zarcowee, Kim Jong Il or Iran; it is one Mr. Elliot Spitzer. There is no worse enemy to free enterprise than Elliot Spitzer.

There never will be a more dangerous menace to society and the free world than Elliot Spitzer. His abuses of power are unmatched even in the days of Adolph Hitler’s economic regime to slow payments to nations they owed debt.

This one man has done more to unbalance our trade deficit by handicapping American companies than all the billionaires of China and Europe ever could hope for in an open and free market.

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