The Fed and Other Garbage

“The Jesuit priest John H. Surratt, proven to be the ring leader in the death of President Lincoln was untouchable. In the affidavit of Henri De Sainte Marie, Aims Report, House of Representatives, 39th Session Congress, Page 15, Ex. Document No. 9., he says: ‘I believe he is protected by the clergy and that the murder is the result of a deep laid plot, not only against the life of President Lincoln but against the existence of the republic, as we are aware that priesthood and royalty are and always have been opposed to liberty.'(Henri De Sainte Marie, Rufus King, Minister Resident)

Al, as you know in the Secret Treaty of Verona it says in Article 1: ‘The high contracting powers being convinced that the system of representative government is equally as incompatible with the monarchical principles as the maxim of the sovereignty of the people with the divine right, engage mutually, to the system of representative governments, in whatever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.’

After the 1213 Charter made the Pope Contracting party, he and the monarchs of Europe declared in this treaty that representative governments were an enemy to the Catholic Church and the monarchies of the earth. As we know the monarchy of England retains its claim to America, but not without intervening and destroying the 1787 Constitution. The third prong of their attack was the Bank of England, taken over by the Rothschilds money after Britain’s bankruptcy. The Rothschilds put in place the Bank of the United States and later the Federal Reserve, which was born in the Bank of England. Where did the Rothschilds get their huge gold reserve? {Nathan Rothschild supplied the King of England with the good news that Wellington had won at Waterloo. The Rothschild/De Medicis/Templar Papal passport of old had built the best spy network. He was then allowed by his Royal cousin to William of Hesse [Illuminati founding member] to trade with this inside knowledge and make an ENORMOUS fortune while bankrupting many other good lords and ladies.}It seems like their banking house just suddenly appeared in the 1700’s. In 1850 in the preface of The Negation Of God, M. About said: ‘….the Rothschilds who would borrow money from the Pope at six per cent interest’?

The tremendous amount of capital it took to bankroll many of the countries the Rothschilds loaned to only existed in Rome. The above is a matter of history, but is never taught and is allowed to disappear from all but old history books, lost forever, thanks to the advent of television.” (7)

Rufus King was Ambassador to England and attached to the British Royal Court after that term was over. I guess some of his family came north to Canada around this time and called themselves United Empire Loyalists as my Aunt Ruth used to tell us about her grandmother’s family. After his time in England he then returned to the US and ran for President. I believe he would have learned a great deal during his time with Pierre Dupont de Nemours but I was shocked to see his name mentioned in conjunction with the Treaty of Verona. I can not for the life of me understand why the Rothschilds are so convinced there is only One Pie and why the Physiocrats like Dupont and then Jefferson worked so hard to make a total free market that advantaged only the few who already had huge capital from ancient times.

I think it is Bill Moyers who wonders out loud in the Royal Bush Corporate world of the 21st Century about how it is that the people are putting up with no capital gains taxes or reductions thereof; while the arms, drugs and corporate behemoths of all types grasp government handouts or legal loopholes absolving them of responsibility for crimes they commit. The observation B. F. Skinner made about ‘positive reinforcement’ like Medicare and other bureaucratic boondoggles that take us away from helping each other, are actually reducing the freedoms or rights from the days when we were mere serfs or sharecroppers, deserves consideration even if he was a pervert and control freak.

So few people care as they enjoy their Veuve Cliquot and Gucci. The funny thing is this – if we threw off the One Pie of Malthus and started resource utilization with full technology and no nations or armies we would all be richer and no one (other than a few criminals) would have to give up their ill-gotten gains.

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