Transporting Troops in the Future

Currently when we transport troops we use large cargo planes or put all the troops onto airliners or charter large Boeing Jet Airliners to send them near the battlespace, but in the future we will be able to put them to sleep, pack them into small honeycomb spaces and transport 1000 or more troops in cargo container type modules. Sounds inhumane? It isn’t, let me explain why. First every soldier hates the long ass flattening trip to the country or region where they will be fighting, it is nearly impossible to get the rest you need and they pack you in like sardines. Additionally you are stuck with a bunch of sweaty guys and everyone, whether they admit it or not is scared shitless.

In the future using a special gas in a certain ratio the soldiers will crawl into honeycomb containers and then the containers will be filled with hydrogen sulfide gas, which will induce hibernation or suspended animation. They will be woken up as needed when they are off loaded as if cargo. Each honeycomb will be bar coded using RFID Tags and the soldiers will be un-stacked outside the new camp. They may not even know where they are going as lose lips sink ships. Transporting 1000 troops super long distances using less space and shipped in honeycomb space allotments in the Aircraft is efficient. There is no need to feed the soldiers during the move and you can stack them to very high density.

How is this possible? Well, currently a new discovery using hydrogen sulfide gas has caused induced suspended animation in mice, hibernation if you will; just like bears do for the winter. The mice’s bodies slowed down as much as 90% and when they woke up they were completely fine. Thus this technology will be ready to go for military purposes within the next few years. Expect a nation like China to ship their soldiers this way in huge cargo ships to the destination of the future conquests as they enact their plans to become the World’s super power. The Space Race and the race to hibernation is on as the build up of military super powers moves forward into the next decade. Think on this. Too heavy for you; Okay, then think of something else?

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